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  1. Patrick, I think this is what people are counting. I'm guessing that far right star is the one that's causing people to think that there are seven instead of six. Gorgeous wing by the way. I love it.
  2. This has been one of the highlights of this dumpster fire of a year. I know I learned a ton from these post and major props to you for making it through all 52 weeks of posts. These could be complied into one heck of a great WW1 reference guide. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and all the photos of these beautiful wings.
  3. Both of them are gorgeous and what a great history to go with them. Congratulations Tod.
  4. It's a good wing and a nice one too.
  5. Marty, you know I thought that too when I first got the wings but the aging around the pin and the catch are the same and I don't see any obvious signs of a repair/replacement.
  6. Here's the only one I have. These belonged to Lieutenant George B. Fredell. I originally posted these in 2015 when I acquired the set. Here's a link to the original post.
  7. I just recently acquired these cap size Green Banana wings that will take a special place in my collection. If you've never seen or heard of these before these are unofficial wings that were worn by pilots who flew C-46/C-47s over the Hump. There was another post on the forum several years ago with a larger 2" size wing of similar construction. These are very rare items so I'm thrilled to even get a cap size version. Luckily the enamel is in very good condition as is the wing overall. I got them directly from a veteran's family but unfortunately they don't really have the history as to ho
  8. A gorgeous wing and in beautiful condition. What a find. Congratulations.
  9. Just saw these on your Facebook page, Tod. Gorgeous wings. Congrats on adding them to your collection.
  10. I can't recall seeing a Ludlow with a disc soldered to the back of a wing like that. Here's a link to my Ludlow glider wing on my site This is how I've usually seen their wings marked. Ludlow wings are pretty to look at but the quality is a bit lower than some of the other British made wings IMHO.
  11. Awesome research and documentation as usual Patrick. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I hate that when it happens. You just have a feeling that some other collector contacted the guy and told him what he had and so he cancelled what should have been a binding bid. I've had it happen to me before and it sucks. Sorry you missed out on it Steve. It's a very nice wing.
  13. Fantastic research and presentation Tod. Thank you for sharing!
  14. So just to throw my hat in the ring on this, the wing on my site is in my personal collection. I got it through a fellow collector a very long time and to be honest, I've never felt 100% comfortable that it's actually a WW2 era wing. It's a very nice wing in hand but I have not been able to find any documented proof that they are authentic to the period. I leave them on the site because they are an interesting set of wings and a good conversation starter but I can't put a stamp of approval on them without some additional documentation.
  15. Nice. The Anchor represents that it was made in Birmingham. The Lion represents .925 silver and the U represents that it was made in 1944. Very cool markings on that wing. Thanks for posting Russ. Also note that the lower markings on this wing are the same style marking used on the commemorative RAF 1942 badge that was given to members of the Eagle Squadron pilots and ground crew. See here on my site if you're interested - http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/britainraf/britainraf1942badge.shtml
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