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  1. Fantastic research and presentation Tod. Thank you for sharing!
  2. So just to throw my hat in the ring on this, the wing on my site is in my personal collection. I got it through a fellow collector a very long time and to be honest, I've never felt 100% comfortable that it's actually a WW2 era wing. It's a very nice wing in hand but I have not been able to find any documented proof that they are authentic to the period. I leave them on the site because they are an interesting set of wings and a good conversation starter but I can't put a stamp of approval on them without some additional documentation.
  3. Nice. The Anchor represents that it was made in Birmingham. The Lion represents .925 silver and the U represents that it was made in 1944. Very cool markings on that wing. Thanks for posting Russ. Also note that the lower markings on this wing are the same style marking used on the commemorative RAF 1942 badge that was given to members of the Eagle Squadron pilots and ground crew. See here on my site if you're interested - http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/britainraf/britainraf1942badge.shtml
  4. That's really interesting Allan. Thanks for sharing that. For all the veterans I've known I never once thought to ask that. All of them are gone now so the chance has passed. For some reason I met a lot of B-17 tail gunners and a lot of ball turret gunners. Didn't have the opportunity to know as many pilots but a few navigators and bombardiers but no waist gunners. I always kind of wondered who decided to wear air crew wings versus the wings of their other specialty. This story makes a lot of sense. Although all of them had brass balls to do what they did. The power of youth and invin
  5. Ok Tod, this is freaky. What are the chances of this being a guy who is on my site? http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/heroes/lewislane/lewislane.shtml
  6. Congrats on another beautiful and historically significant addition to your ever expanding collection Mike. Glad you were able to save these and keep them together.
  7. Very nice. I have one like the bottom wing pictured. I was thrilled to get it. Any real airship wing is precious and rare.
  8. Another beauty. Those WW1 bullion wings are gorgeous.
  9. Wow, those are odd. Haven't seen those around before but I have to admit I don't look at eBay or any of the other haunts much anymore. I do a lot of 3D printing and the back of the wing looks like the layer lines you get with a 3D printer. Obviously these aren't 3D printed but it has that look. Funky looking wing. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention Mel.
  10. This is another stunning badge and it's so rare to find a bullion wing with that type of maker mark on it. Especially one sewn on. What a beauty. I'm really loving these weekly WW1 wing posts. A bright spot in this dumpster fire of a year.
  11. That's a perfectly good A.E. Co hallmark. They used several different hallmarks. Here's a clutch back version with the same marking on my site: http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/usaaf/aircrew/aecoaafcrew.shtml
  12. Thanks Chris. Haven't come across that before.
  13. Those are gorgeous wings. The bullion are a little worse for wear but very, very nice. The BB&B is top end. I'm don't recognize the hallmark on the other wing but any wing collector would love to have any of these. I do agree with the sentiment that it's nice to keep an attributed group like this together. However if you do decide to break it up you will not have a hard time finding a home for any of those wings. And you should be able to get a high end price for them as well.
  14. I love these wings. They don't seem to be as popular with collectors as the double wing badges but I find them fascinating and the fact that they were authorized for such a short period of time makes them even more special. I was lucky enough to purchase an example from Duncan's collection during the auction after his passing and it's one of the highlights of my collection. Thanks for posting these.
  15. I have seen them on the White Co cards as well. In fact mine came on a White Co card. I agree with John, while they are an attractive pattern I would not break the bank on these.
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