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  1. Wow, those are odd. Haven't seen those around before but I have to admit I don't look at eBay or any of the other haunts much anymore. I do a lot of 3D printing and the back of the wing looks like the layer lines you get with a 3D printer. Obviously these aren't 3D printed but it has that look. Funky looking wing. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention Mel.
  2. This is another stunning badge and it's so rare to find a bullion wing with that type of maker mark on it. Especially one sewn on. What a beauty. I'm really loving these weekly WW1 wing posts. A bright spot in this dumpster fire of a year.
  3. That's a perfectly good A.E. Co hallmark. They used several different hallmarks. Here's a clutch back version with the same marking on my site: http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/usaaf/aircrew/aecoaafcrew.shtml
  4. Thanks Chris. Haven't come across that before.
  5. Those are gorgeous wings. The bullion are a little worse for wear but very, very nice. The BB&B is top end. I'm don't recognize the hallmark on the other wing but any wing collector would love to have any of these. I do agree with the sentiment that it's nice to keep an attributed group like this together. However if you do decide to break it up you will not have a hard time finding a home for any of those wings. And you should be able to get a high end price for them as well.
  6. I love these wings. They don't seem to be as popular with collectors as the double wing badges but I find them fascinating and the fact that they were authorized for such a short period of time makes them even more special. I was lucky enough to purchase an example from Duncan's collection during the auction after his passing and it's one of the highlights of my collection. Thanks for posting these.
  7. I have seen them on the White Co cards as well. In fact mine came on a White Co card. I agree with John, while they are an attractive pattern I would not break the bank on these.
  8. The Navy navigator wing looks fine as well. That wing can be relatively difficult to find. Here's some others to compare against. The AMICO version is the top wing: http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/usnavy/usnavynavigator.shtml
  9. Picture from the Dallas City Directory from 1918 listing Roy Seastrunk at 105 Field. Show in upper right hand corner. Right near Linz Bros!
  10. Being a huge fan of naval aviation wings I have to say that is a real beauty. Thank you Chris for taking the time to put such wonderful examples on the forum through your Weekly WW1 Wing posts. They are very informative and a ray of sunshine in these crazy days. Nice to be able to distract myself with something more positive than the news.
  11. Very nice wing!! Congrats Dominique.
  12. There's also one of my site as well - http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/usaaf/pilot/quetelaafpilot2inster.shtml
  13. And apologies to the admins, I know this isn't US related but I thought it was just too cool not to share. John, thanks for sharing your stories too. It's so cool to hear how these brave folks are honored even after their gone. i remember hearing about a P-51 pilot who flew someone's ashes up at Oshkosh a few years ago. Love that these people are being honored and that the pilots who are doing these flight are being recognized as well.
  14. Reminder of why I collect these little pieces of history, to remember those that earned them and wore them with pride. Very cool that the RAF did this: http://warbirdsnews.com/warbirds-news/wing-commander-guy-gibson-vc-wwii-wings-in-flypast.html
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