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  1. Hey guys I am wondering if anyone knows of a company that is making reproduction WWII USMC service uniforms, I heard that WWII impressions is working on a set just wondering if there is any other sites that may have some. Any information would be greatly appreciated thanks Bruce
  2. Hey guys, ive been looking all over the forums and couldn't find what i was looking for nor could i find it on google (and they "know" everything ) my question is does anyone know how to convert WWII USMC uniform sizes (4L, 4M, 3M, ect.) to standard measurements (38R, 38L) or is there a link to a size chart? if anyone knows how that works i would really appreciate some help. Thanks
  3. The picture wit the jump boots, is there a reason behind the laces being laced up that way or is it just a different way of doing it? :think: (by the way, love the collection)
  4. I spent four years restoring this jeep, finaly got it working well and got to drive it around a few days ago. I'm unsure about the markings (mainly after the 506 if it should be an I or PI) on the front bumper, they may not be correct. if anyone knows the propper markings and could help me out that would be greatly appreacated.
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