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  1. Those "flat stripes" were supposed to easier separate the first 3 graders(A/3c, A/2c, and A/1c) from the NCO ranks.Gen Vandenberg at first wouldn't approve them, but finally did in '55. However, Gen Twining dropped them and they were never issued. I joined the AF in 1954 and had never seen them until somebody posted a pic on Military.com asking about them.
  2. Joining the AF in 1954 there is no telling how many old birds I worked on in my 12 yrs that were turned into beer cans out of DM. Those include F86s, F94s, Maybe a few F100s, B47s, C141s, C124s, C121s, C54s, C118s, C130A models, C135 A and B models and C133s. I was stationed at Hickam from Aug '62 to Aug '65 in transient maintenance and we actually did work on jets, turbo props and recips. I did more block plug changes than I care to remember! As stated before, the HANG was, in the '60s the only Air Guard unit on full alert. At the time they flew 102s. The story was, that if they took off and turned out over the ocean it meant bogey. If they turned left over the mountains, it was a training flight. Their alert hanger(more like an aluminum garage you'd build for your extra vehicle, open on both ends) was at the end of the main runway of Honolulu Int'l and very close to what we called the boonies. This was where we parked the VN bound cargo's full of ammo, etc, or where we could do full power engine runs. Altho the 10th Puka, a nine hole golf course usually complained about having dust blown in their beer. I guess life is tough all over.
  3. Very new member here, but the F94C was my first airplane straight out of B47 tech school in 1955. I had been trained for 4 mths as a B47 mechanic so it made absolute sense for the AF to send me and about half my class to McClellan AFB in CA to work on fighters! Especially since Amarillo was also training fighter mechanics and in fact one of my room mates was in fighter school at the time. I don't remember much about the 94 as that was a long time ago, but as stated the C model did pick up a rocket pod on each wing and a rack that dropped down under the fuselage.
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