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  1. Hard to argue with that Grant! Thanks for the correction, disappointing as it may be! Still a fairly early fixed bail for considerably less than $100. Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Grant, I see your point but in person there is no trace of a “1”. Will take more pics tonight in different light and angles.
  3. Pat, in person you can tell it’s definitely a coat of paint and not rust. As stated, color is close to khaki/ OD3. I know it’s a very long shot, but I was hoping it might be painted for desert use, e.g. North Africa! Would a 2 inch net be out of place for display purposes?
  4. Thank you sir! Can you explain the difference in the looms. Also, how are the receivers detached from the loom/headband in the event I don’t want to destroy the headband. Would like to make it reversible if possible but still need the receivers. Do you simply pull out the wires from the receivers? Is there a screw that’s holds the wires in place?
  5. Super early McCord with unusual paint and None of our experts have a comment???? It’s be xmas shopping.
  6. Okay, so I know I will likely catch hell for even contemplating this, but here goes. I recently picked up a HS-33 headset with ANB-H-1 receivers and PL-354 jack. I am in need of the receivers and wiring loom for a AN-H-15 flight helmet display and have no use for the HB-7 headband. Is there a way to remove the wiring loom from the headband so that I can use the headphones/loom in the flight helmet? I hate to ruin the headband, but it is in rough condition anyway and like I said I only need the receivers and loom.
  7. Thanks Paddy. Anyone else? Lots of helmet experts out there that have not weighed in. Would love your help!
  8. The stainless rim rusted? Not likely. It's definitely an applied finish.
  9. Recent acquisition. Front seam, fixed bail, McCord with 36C heat lot number. Raised brass bar chin strap and pointed brass hook. Thoughts on the desert tan paint?
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