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  1. I have a late war RS SB maganese rim McCord with OD3 straps.
  2. Recently purchased a Feb. 1945 pattern M1943 field jacket that is missing two front closure buttons. They are more brown than green in color. Anyone have extra buttons to spare or know of a source for originals? I wonder if I could scavenge them from a hood, which seem to be more plentiful than jackets! Thanks.
  3. Johnny Signor, where are you!
  4. Yes, it was posted on What's it Worth, but I am still wondering if it's painted or silk screened. Thanks.
  5. Looking for an expert opinion dating this patch. It's from a veteran's estate. I don't think it's painted, but it's not a decal either. Is it silk screened?
  6. Poor quality photo, but it looks like worn down cork finish.
  7. Looks green over blue, training grenade.
  8. Several years ago I spoke directly with the S&W Historian, Roy Jinks, and he told me that the vast majority of Victory revolvers marked US Property were shipped to the Navy. Makes sense, you rarely see photos of Army personnel with Victory revolvers.
  9. Awesome, thanks guys. It is WW2 period? What is the approximate value?
  10. More information: His discharge papers indicate he was awarded: (1) EAME medal w/four bronze stars for campaigns in Naples-Foggia; Rome-Arno; Normandy; and Air Offensive Europe; (2) Good conduct medal; and (3) "Distinguished Unit Badge GO 86 HQ 5 AF 44." As best as I can tell, the Distinguished Unit Badge may signify the 5th Bomb Wing.
  11. This is from the Estate of a soldier that served with the 15AAF in Italy. Is it a squadron patch? Thanks.
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