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  1. I know this is an old topic, but I just picked up an EGA frogskin cover on a fixed bail helmet and the helmet chin strap was fastened in the back like this one. I thought that Marines did not typically follow this method of chinstrap fastening.
  2. Last one, I was hoping someone with research tools could help with the name, rather unusual. Since it's written in marker, I'm guessing it was written during the Vietnam war. You can't make out the lot number from this pic, but with a magnifying loop I'm pretty sure its 552A
  3. This is the second fixed bail USMC helmet I have with Korean and Vietnam era liner/parts. Liner strap is blackened brass with Carr rivets. Anyhow, here are more pix.
  4. Thanks Guys, I’ll post more pics tonight. No slits.
  5. Thanks Dean, does the cover look legit?
  6. Picked this up today. It's a fixed bail helmet with raised brass bar buckle. Came with a P55 liner with a 1969 dated sweatband. I didn't want to take off the cover, but I was able to peak under it and the helmet is grey. Can't make out the complete heat lot other than "52" Did the Marines use Navy helmets? Anyway, wondering if the cover is legit.
  7. Hello Gap,


    If your listed Conn Civil Air Patrol patch is still available for $12.00, I'd like to buy it...


    With kind regards,

    Russ Wilson  

  8. Looking for opinion on this patch, real or modern repop or patch king?
  9. The material on back is the same in front—green felt. Color is off in the pic.
  10. Thanks for the valuation. Still would like to get opinions on authenticity!
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