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  1. Some more info on Sgt. DeSales Glover. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/135586-14-year-old-sgt/?hl=%2Bsgt+%2Bdesales+%2Bglover
  2. It's nothing new, looks like the planners gave it thought long ago.
  3. Couple weekends ago went down to Switzerland for a fair sized Military show, trucks, tanks, jeeps, the works, and they had some oldtimer fighters strutting thier stuff, like everybody else here, I was more then impressed with the P-51 Mustang. Here's the planes that took part in the show, sorry, it's in German. http://www.convoytoremember.com/38-1-Interesting-aircraft.html And a snapshot of the participating P-51.
  4. Got in touch with the webmaster; Hi Pat, We would love to have your photo on the site - in any condition. Many photos that are submitted are torn or defaced in some way. If you wish, you can submit it here http://militaryyearbookproject.com/photo-uploads. Regards, Richard Morgan So I submitted mine, anybody else?
  5. Looking for some info on Hashmarks/Service Stripes and came across these three oldtimers, they're younger then me, back then. Looks like the Air Corps didn't care too much about age at the time. G. A. R. OF CBI - LAND HEADQUARTERS, EASTERN AIR COMMAND - Three master sergeants in a U.S. Bomb Group, part of the Third Tactical Air Force, have 85 years service in the Army among them. The wearers of the yards of hash marks are M/Sgts. William Hopkins, 54, Mike Jamrak, 53, and Hubert F. Sage, 49. Hopkins has been in the Army 26 years, Jamrak 30 years and Sage 29 years. Hopkins saw servic
  6. No Ian, mine's not in there, H41 3rd Platoon, Fort Ord, Cal. 14 April 1972, I'd like to contribute my BCT Platoon photo, but after I got out of the army and returned home, I met a sweet young thing who took a pen and tried to scribble out my face, I hope she's an old hag now. I'll ask them anyway if they can use it. And I've still got my yearbook.
  7. Don't know if this has been posted before, if so, my apoligies. You can look for your old Basic Training Platoon photos, or maybe even your Yearbook. Good hunting! http://militaryyearbookproject.com/
  8. Another episode comes to mind, in 1972, Fort Ord California, the VOLAR Army, and back then they had a "Buddy Plan" you can join with a buddy, anyway the Drill Sgts. were having fun with us, Sr. Drill Sgt. asks "Any of you out there come in on the Buddy Plan?", several guys raised thier hands, Sr. Drill says/asks, "You know what a buddy is?" in unison "No Sr. Drill Sgt.!" Sr. Drill, "A buddy is a guy who goes downtown, gets two (censored) and brings you back one!" Hilarious now, back then no buddy dared to laugh.
  9. When doing P.T. in Basic Training and hurting, I remember the Drill Sgt. saying, "It's all mind over matter, Gentlemen, we don't mind, and you don't matter" It's funny now, wasn't at the time though.
  10. I wouldn't mind finding an original M51 XL field jacket myself, they're out there, and if you found one, you'd have to dig deep into your pocket. US Wings has XL Repros, don't look too bad... http://www.uswings.com/m-65.asp#ALPHAM51
  11. Lookin' good! If interested, there's an Event going on in Switzerland the 9th -11th August. http://www.convoytor.../23-1-Home.html
  12. Here's a French website selling Belgium army shoes. I bought a pair, brand new for about $18, but postage was more. http://www.stock-americain.com/chaussures-basses/386-chaussure-basse-cuir-marron-abl.html Home;http://www.stock-americain.com/content/1-livraison
  13. Sad but true, I guess the glory days of the tank are over. But maybe it can still be saved with a little bit of ingenuity.
  14. I was also in the 1st ID from 1972-75 here in Germany, my grandson just had his 1st birthday, but I'd be very proud knowing he's wearing my old M65, he does after all have the same last name as me.
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