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    I currently collect Army Air Forces Class A's and flight gear.
  1. My buddy just picked this up. He's a 29th ID collector and this is his first helmet with insignia but he is perplexed because the rank appears to be Korean war era. We both feel that the helmet is solid but are hoping for more insight. THANKS!
  2. Hey guys! I'm announcing my new short film entitled "Esperança"! It will be a 10-20min film that follows a Brazilian soldier during the battle for Montese in April 1945. Seeing that USMF is my second home, I felt I should announce it to all of you. I will be filming in March of 2014. I'd like to also thank forum member Ricardo for all the information he has given me in regards to the BEF as well as forum member uberguido for the information he has given me in regards to the 10th Mountain Division. I'll be sure to post a link to the film here on the forum once it is done! If you have faceb
  3. My wife and I are buying our first house! We're both excited to move in and begin a new chapter in our lives, however a question comes to mind. There is very little space to keep my uniforms in the house. I will have to pick through my favorites and most used to keep in the house and the rest will have to go into storage either in the crawlspace under the house or in the attic of the garage. My question to all of you is how can I best store the remainder of my collection (mostly ww2 AAF dress uniforms, flight gear, flight helmets, oxygen masks, and field gear) in these two locations? I live in
  4. I was representing 1st AD Spring Offensive 1945... Patches post was exactly what I was reenacting.
  5. I should clarify. I was meaning 1st and 2nd pattern HBT's, not the camo ones.
  6. Ok some back story. The other day I got in an argument with a reenacter in regards to HBT's. I was representing the basic equip of a soldier in the MTO. He started chewing me out saying that I look completely unauthentic. He kept claiming that they were mostly only used as a combat uniform during the Normandy campaigns. I know I've seen pictures of them being used in combat in every theater of operations but he kept telling me that they only really used them in the pacific and in Normandy, anywhere else would be very rare in anything but a rear echelon role. The guy was older and seem to be a
  7. I had posted pictures of last years veteran's week display that we put up at Weber State University. The public and campus loved it so much that we did it again this year with some changes in display format. This time the display went much smoother and we got an even bigger crowd throughout the day! Thanks for looking! Nathan
  8. You guys look great but wasn't Anzio early 44'? Or did something happen prior to that I'm not aware of. Love the look though! Nathan
  9. The first trailer has been released for Saints and Soldiers: The Void! Keep in mind that this is only the first trailer but I'm super excited for it and was honored to be a part of it! https://chill.com/saintsandsoldiers3/c/exclusive-a-short-teaser-just-in-time-for-the-american-film-market-next-week?autoplay=1 -Nathan
  10. Roger that, I'm seeing Air Force commendation, Air Force training, Marksmanship, etc. That's just to name a few. Nathan
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