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  1. Here is our US Navy collection on display at D-Day Experience museum, St-Côme-du-Mont, France. Thanks. Emmanuel
  2. There should be a metal box in the small bag, to carry demolition items. Nice and rare bag. The larger one is rarer.
  3. Be careful, rope used on D-Day in Normandy is not the same one used in Holland.
  4. This whole article is FAKE NEWS and one big lie! A friend of mine contacted the family and they confirmed that they are holding both the MOH and the Purple Heart medals. The article also mentions that Ltc Cole's son Bruce passed away, well, let me assure you that he has not. Seems like someone felt it necessary to create a fake Purple Heart medal with Cole's name on it to increase its value and/or the attention level. These people probably do not realize how they are hurting the family's feelings (or they simple don't care). And its amazing that no-one has done any fact checking before releasi
  5. https://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/ltc-robert-g-coles-purple-heart-bought-at-long-island-gun-show-comes-home
  6. Www.dday-experience.com if you want to see real ID airborne items such as Dick Winters stuff.
  7. WWW.dday-experience.com at Saint-Come-du-Mont, near Carentan.
  8. Early Westinghouse abn liner used on D-Day is much more rarer than a Inland abn one !!
  9. Westinghouse airborne liners were also used on D-Day, and the M1C airborne helmet arrived in ETO in August 1945, so it was never used during the war.
  10. Great find !! You have to find the insert for now, I mean the metal box.....
  11. Not an inland airborne liner....
  12. Hello guys, thanks for looking. Just acquired this very nice tanker jacket with name and serial number stenciled on the chest. X. TRIMBLE O-1699295 Would like to identify the guy and his unit if possible. Any help would be welcome. Thanks, Easy502
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