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  1. Thanks will try to put up more picutes from the groupings. Hope to do this in the next few days
  2. will try to make some more and better pictures soon of the other items that I have from these man.
  3. Uploaded with No_outside_hosting.us This jacket also belongt to Bert Collier Uploaded with No_outside_hosting.us you may have sean this already but this is Berts flag from Normandy
  4. Uploaded with No_outside_hosting.us M42 jacket from 1st Lt E B Collier this jacket came home with Bert but it's realy named to 2nd Lt. Willis Robinson
  5. Uploaded with No_outside_hosting.us grouping from Bobby G Hunter 501st pir on the botum of the picture you some stuff from Mother Madigan
  6. I have items in my collection from 4 members of the 501st PIR 2nd. Bat. Comp. D The man ar Oliver A Koons, Bobby G Hunter , Bert Collier and Mother(Joe) Madigan. I was wondering if there ar collectors that also have items in there collection from members of 501st PIR 2nd bat. Comp D I know that one member has items from Evert Dean. I also know that a few years ago a jacket was sold from Jack hampton. But do not know who the owner now is. I would like to come in contact with collectors that have items from members of the 501PIR 2nd bat comp D . To see what is left from them. I'm a
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