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  1. Very nice group! Im glad to see it in good hands and I regret not going higher on this group!
  2. Those grey steel buttons are also correct WW2 Australian buttons.
  3. Thank you all very much! And Patches, thank you so much for those scans! Great to see a pic of him later in his career! And thank you. I knew just enough about these to be dangerous so fortunately I had a rough idea on the value of the wind proof set though I have been amazed by the amount of interest in it anyway. And thank you for the comments on the boonie, would this be a custom piece as I havent been able to find one like it. For a mannequin display would using the carbine pouches in the group be appropriate for this stage of the war? Thanks Jason
  4. That would be awesome if you get the chance! Thank you.
  5. Sorry I missed the last comment. Yes from what I can see he spent a fair bit of time sidelined after the accident though he definitely had a long and varied career. With the Europe side of things I wonder if he was stationed in Europe with the 7th Signal brigade that a few of his uniforms are patched with but im not sure.
  6. Thank you all, I feel very lucky to have been able to keep together as much of his stuff as I have, there are also a couple of pieces I still need to photograph. I would love to see the postwar uniform you picked up. A few nice bits got away before I was able to pick them up. Here are some more photos of the windproofs.
  7. West Point entry. Thank you all for your kind comments already!
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