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  1. I'd really like to see the USS Olympia come home. Mare Island is only about a half an hour from me, and our Naval history in the SF Bay is quickly being lost.
  2. When you need to finish your stock, the old Pre-WWI USMC hand rubbed finish is: 1/3 melted bees wax 1/3 Turpentine 1/3 Linseed Oil It looks fantastic, but you have to hand rub it in which takes many hours in front of the TV.
  3. Very nice! Is that a bulge in the barrel forward of the frame? I really need to get a nice Victory Model. They aren't getting any cheaper.
  4. The M14 is such a great rifle. It is sad that they cut so many of them up. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I had no idea. Thank you. Also, the holster is marked with two letters (not the US). It looks like IG, IC, I0 or perhaps 0I depending on how it is read. Any ideas on what that might be? Should I put this up in the holster subforum? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. It probably works out to about a nickel an hour that I work for them, but deals like this make it worth my while. I also get to be first to the trough on anything new through the door, so that in itself is fabulous.
  7. I do a lot of work at my local gun shop. They are mostly black tactical guns so a Smith and Wesson Model 19 to them is an old gun. I help them out a lot. I've helped them make a lot of money, so in exchange for lots of time and about $10 in gas, I came home with these two holsters free of charge. The guns, unfortunately, were not free. G&K 1918 A.G. inspected What do the letters on the holster stand for? Any ideas? 1943 Enger-Kress M3
  8. Wow, thank you! Kodachrome is always impressive, and I've not seen these before.
  9. Crazy to think these fine planes were sold for the equivalent price of a very nice car in todays dollars. What beautiful aircraft!
  10. Those boxes are 60s Winchester, too late to be OSS.
  11. Beautiful! I wouldn't change out a single part. If they managed to stay in that condition, those are most likely the parts that they left the factory with. Very nice scores!
  12. That one looks to be largely original. Can you take it apart and show us pics of the inside?
  13. No M1A1 carbines were shipped with a bayonet lug. That one is a post-war rebuild at Augusta Arsenal, so at that point anything goes parts wise and maker wise. They paid no attention to what make of carbine or what parts went into the stock, which is indeed legit. While this has zero percent chance of being original, it is USGI and you got a good deal at what you paid.
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