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  1. Agree with Brian. With rationing and shortages, commercially garment manufacturers were legally limited in skirt lengths, hem lengths, facing, linings, etc... This may be leftover from WW1 or the interwar period but the style, fit, and skirt length does not say WW2 to me. Stephanie
  2. http://www.vintageswank.com/sizing.html Here's something to start with. But you know how girls are all different And custom tailoring was much more common than today, and sizes also vary by manufacturer. I have several different period 18 uniform parts that all are different fits, and I don't wear a modern size 10 (per this chart). Good luck. Stephanie
  3. I'm enjoying seeing the progress! Wish my 2000 Wrangler was as easy to work on :crying: Stephanie
  4. JFK Special Warfare Museum 2502 Ardennes Street Fort Bragg, NC 28310 910.432.4272 www.jfkwebstore.com Appears small from the outside--packed full but not cluttered. Follows the development of special ops units. My favorite artifact was a large rug woven in the Middle East as a tribute to George W. Bush--surprisingly symbolic with a good many American icons and religious accents. This was recently renovated. Only a couple of criticisms--it was freezing cold in there! One section is seriously lacking any text/info--as if it was forgotten about? Stephanie
  5. Just finished "A Thousand Letters Home." Got a nice personalized copy as my b-day present and loved it. This guy wrote love letters like a mad man If anyone is interested in 102d division, he was in it. Their daughter edited the letters/book and my only criticism is that she cites Wikipedia quite a few times. Learned a few cool things--didn't know "burpies" was a 1940's term for example, and the similarities in 1940's soldiers and modern soldiers are astoundingly many. I'll put out a shameless plug for the book and include the website www.athousandlettershome.com Stephanie
  6. Both WAC/WAAC and ANC had leather purses, just a slightly different shape differentiated them. Just my hunch that b/c WACs were held to such high standards (uniforms, appearance, etc...) that anything like a nonregulation purse would be verboten. Steph
  7. Just got an email from Advance Guard Militaria with their new website/features/etc... This AEF unit roster database may be helpful. http://www.advanceguardmilitaria.com/Comin...%20INSIDER.aspx Mods--not sure whether to put this in a dealer, miscellaneous, or research forum so I stuck it in miscellanous. Stephanie
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/7513-WAC-Boots-Wom...=item3a73442e01 Just a little gripe--seems that both sellers who are way off and even sellers who are knowledgeable about men's clothing and equipment just see WAAC or WAC and get dollar signs in their eyes. Ugh. OK off my soap box now Stephanie
  9. I picked up "American Daughter Gone to War" by Winnie Smith from Tarbridge's shop. So far very good read about an early VN war nurse. This isn't my usual area of interest but am enjoying seeing her evolution throughout the book. A little weird because it is written in the present tense but that is just a stylistic complaint.
  10. Well you just never know what you'll find over the toilet in your favorite restaurant's bathroom. I'm a little ashamed to admit I wondered if they'd notice if I replaced it with a repro :ermm: Anyone else seen "stuff" on the walls of a restaurant used as decoration that they would like to have taken home somehow? Steph
  11. Def not WAC or WAVE... perhaps it is a civilian nurse cap and cape--nursing school "formal" wear for photos? What is the second letter on the cap? I can make out St. J(?) and not sure of the last one. I thought of a Catholic hospital b/c of the St. letters. Stephanie
  12. When I was in school, and especially in military history classes, I tried to pick something obscure that everyone wouldn't write about, while still making sure there was sufficient info. What kicked off my interest in WW2 was reading about Navy nurses in the Philippines, Malinta, Santo Tomas; so those areas are my 2 cents worth for a good broad topic. (BTW, is your class assigned "For the Common Defense"? Just wondered if that was still a staple) Stephanie
  13. Nice one... I like the 3-headed monster. What prompted you to frame that one? Steph
  14. To add another thought to this--I saw this museum in February, and was really impressed. No admission charged, donations accepted. This museum was one of the rare ones that will appeal to a serious collector/history nerd and still hold the attention of a wife or kids who might only grudgingly go with dad. There was enough detail so to be informative but not so much that it took forever to slog thru a display. We also had to run thru so I could get to the airport but next month when I'm there, I hope there's time to go back. Steph
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