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  1. A beautiful French postcards depicting an American Bald Eagle gettin' all up in the face of the "Reichsadler" ... the Imperial Eagle of the German Empire.
  2. "No Man's Land" is an obvious reference to a law enacted by Congress which made serving alcohol to any man in uniform illegal.
  3. Another military postcard in poor taste depicting the sad state of race relations in the U.S. during the early 20th century.
  4. Designed by Clare Ungell, this card is one of several I've seen. All of which have a "Mother" theme. In other words, it's a yet another series of postcard designs.
  5. "Back Up the Boys" ... A Treasury Department postcard heralding the 4th Liberty Loan drive.
  6. This 1910 dated hand-colored postcard is also part of an unnamed series that revolves around cigarettes and the smoke emitted by cigarettes. Apparently, cards from this series were manufactured in black on white, and also hand-colored.
  7. This postcard, "A Soldier's Dream", is part of a newly discovered series, which has no title.
  8. "Hospital Service", another example from the "For Home and Country" series.
  9. Thank you, Mikie. Nice to be back sharing more WW I era postcards. Red Cross nurse, designed by Charles Twelvetrees.
  10. Italian postcard depicting President Woodrow Wilson, dressed as Uncle Sam, blowing the crowns off the leaders of the Central Powers.
  11. 1918 postmarked hand colored sailor, nurse and soldier "United We Stand" postcard.
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