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  1. The hat and collar disc, which is Company F, 27th Infantry Regiment.
  2. A better look at the sheepskin lined coat, fur hat and fur mittens.
  3. An unidentified member of the 27th Infantry Regiment wearing the cold weather garb issued to U.S. troops destined for Siberia in 1918.
  4. An unnamed Doughboy and YMCA worker hanging out in front of a YMCA hut somewhere in France, circa 1918.
  5. A close inspection of the MG crew reveals that they are wearing the 81st "Wildcat" Division insignia. The 81st Division was reputed to have been wearing the Wildcat insignia when they arrived in France during the summer of 1918.
  6. A not so good close up of the ambulance following the above water cart.
  7. Close up of the 250 Gallon mule drawn water cart. There's no unit ID present that I can see.
  8. AEF watercart and ambulance on the move somewhere in France, circa 1918.
  9. Five, I think, ethnic American Doughboys in France, circa 1918. One of whom is wearing an artillery collar disc. The caption on the reverse of this French "Carte Postale" is: "Lester Blispards" & his pals in France." I'm not 100% sure on Lester's last name. There's a large smudge covering most of the first letter of the last name. It could also be Dilspards or Pilspards. Any guesses as to where that particular surname hails from? It sounds Spanish, Portuguese or possibly French to me.
  10. Here's another example of the same design on different shield shaped background. No ID on this one, other than the service coat it was on having a Quartermaster PFC chevron, two gold overseas service chevrons and a red discharge chevron.
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