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  1. Picked up this Submarine patch to the USS Spikefish recently, its an unusual patch its painted on cloth, Looks like it came out of a scrap book. I have owned one of these before that i got from the veterans family, I think its ww2 period made. I posted some other ones i have seen, anyone familiar with this patch?
  2. Nice group i recently acquired from the family Morris M Marcus, Joined the army in 1939 33rd div then later the 45th Inf 157th Regiment ended up with the 935th FA batt fought in Italy and France wounded twice received the bronze star.
  3. Next to a regular patch.
  4. 1st Marine patch odd looking patch notice its spelled wrong. Maybe theatre made.
  5. Someone mentioned Smedley Butler signature on the document and then i noticed another signature Wendell C Neville another highly decorated Marine. Erich
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