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  1. Figured I’d share my UNIS marked canteen collection. All but two are identified, still trying to decipher the smudged name on the one and the other has no trace of a name I can see.
  2. Definitely looks like it! It would make sense due to the 2nd’s occupation duty in Japan. Here is your guy, Owen. Obit: http://www.tributes.com/obituary/show/Robert-H-Vogel-105969785 -Haydn
  3. PhM3c G.B. Lamar, from Hawkinsville, GA and a veteran of Kwajalein, was tragically killed in action today, 76 years ago on D-Day on the beaches of Saipan. C Co, 4th Med Bn, was attached to the 23rd Marines during the battle and their task was not an easy one - the 4th MARDIV’s primary objective was the main airfield. This uniform once belonged to him and was reissued to one of his corpsman comrades who never inked his name in the uniform, hence the different rank. The ghosting of his rate is still visible to this date. Today, I remember PhM3c Lamar, and all of his brave comrades who perished on those hellish beaches. EDIT: Just realized my typo in the first photo, it should read “4TH MED BN” not “CO”
  4. Here is the red ink stamped coat in my collection for future reference.
  5. Hey I see one of my old uniforms in those pics! Blue ink is fine. The laundry markers/ink were typically blue/purple. I wouldn’t base my decision to purchase on the color of the ink. I’ve seen black,blue/purple, and even red. Also, just because the markings are very bright or dark, does not always equate to being fake. I also don’t see any issues with the Wyatt uniform. Most of my collection is a mixed bag between handwritten, stamped, or typed. I’ve actually seen a decent number of blue inked uniforms.
  6. I can also do better on the price, especially off eBay. It’s a really nice little group! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi, I’m the seller. I bought it from the picker who bought it from the family at the estate sale. It came out of the Pacific Northwest, I believe Oregon. I bought for my personal collection but space has become more of a commodity than anything and I really need to focus more on my niches. Any questions or concerns or more pictures needed, let me know! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Well, that is a bit obvious, no? What's the point of this sub-forum then? Anyways, for the sake of information I sold this for $400 on eBay.
  9. Beautiful uniform! I have a wool flannel and khaki under shirt to a 106th/5th combat medic, Ill have to dig up my stuff and see if its the same guy!
  10. I agree! If I bought it, I would print out that email and keep it with the uniform. Good man for figuring out the truth and being so transparent.
  11. Thank you for posting!! I haven’t seen too many 7th AD items for sale or for show lately so this was nice to see. Great research and write up! Rest In Peace, Soldier! (Shameless plug, but if you think of moving it, think of me!)
  12. Hah! You guys caught me, that’s actually the knife I bought. I thought the pictures were poor but saw what looked to be a beautiful knife so I sent in an offer which they accepted. It wasn’t .99¢, though. Must be an eBay thing. I originally bought for display but now I need to recoup some funds after purchasing a uniform!
  13. Thanks for the comments, all! The blade actually isn’t sharpened and retains the factory sharpening and 90-95% of its factory park. There’s minor wear and some unfortunate scratches but other than that this knife is beautiful. I would respectfully disagree with $125 considering my knife is in better shape than all of these that sold for double that. Which is why I prompted this topic. Maybe the best bet is to just throw it up for auction and see. Thanks again, all! Haydn Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hi all, Any help with an accurate price would be great. eBay has them in the sold category looking pretty rough at $250 and then I see one at $600 with light wear/scuff marks but otherwise mint. Thanks again!
  15. Another amazing quality piece! Thanks for sharing!
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