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  1. My apologies I was viewing this thread and put my phone in my pocket unlocked... Anyways..while I’m here, beautiful collection and I echo the same sentiments as the rest.
  2. Here are some newspaper clippings. It looks like his top row of awards is missing. Nice grab!
  3. Hi all, Once I found out I could change my name I did so. I joined the USMF in 2011 as "WW2 History Buff" I was a sophomore or junior or high school and thought it was a cool name. As I got older, the more I realized I did not like my username; so i changed it to my main passion and focus. Some may know me as "H.R." on FB but I am also on instagram under the handles @7th_armored and @ww2usmc -H.R.
  4. Added your note about the undershirt and tie not included into your main post of your add! Right above the picture that shows them!

  5. Richard W. Chipman, K/3/3, I started searching and didnt realize how far back I went, I was wondering about that one of any other groupings you had maybe FS?

    If you dont mind emailing me dbyounkin16@yahoo.com? Im a new member so Im only allowed to reply a couple times per day.

  6. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! I did notice the shoddy sewing but was leaning towards the, “it could’ve happened” train of thought. I dont think this is an estateman94 or iliketoshop83 creation as suggested earlier. I paid less than the sum of parts on it so either way I’m not too upset if it’s good or crapola. Thanks again for the comments! Haydn
  7. Beautiful golden lion, I just took one of mine out for pictures today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi all, I picked this one up at last years MAAM WWII Weekend in Reading PA. I was hoping to be able to ID it based on the laundry tags named “RAINEY” but haven’t nailed it down 100%. I’m hoping I can lean on some forum members who might be able to solve it for me. Maybe some context clues that the uniform is giving us which I’m not picking up on. I found a distinguished COL LeRoy A Rainey who is well documented but I don’t want to automatically assume it is him. I believe the buttons are Italian made which leads me to think someone who not only served in the ETO but the MTO
  9. Very nice, if I recall, this was on eBay. I know myself and a few others were trying to secure this lot before the listing disappeared. Congrats on a great grouping and being able to keep it all together!
  10. Figured I’d share my UNIS marked canteen collection. All but two are identified, still trying to decipher the smudged name on the one and the other has no trace of a name I can see.
  11. Definitely looks like it! It would make sense due to the 2nd’s occupation duty in Japan. Here is your guy, Owen. Obit: http://www.tributes.com/obituary/show/Robert-H-Vogel-105969785 -Haydn
  12. PhM3c G.B. Lamar, from Hawkinsville, GA and a veteran of Kwajalein, was tragically killed in action today, 76 years ago on D-Day on the beaches of Saipan. C Co, 4th Med Bn, was attached to the 23rd Marines during the battle and their task was not an easy one - the 4th MARDIV’s primary objective was the main airfield. This uniform once belonged to him and was reissued to one of his corpsman comrades who never inked his name in the uniform, hence the different rank. The ghosting of his rate is still visible to this date. Today, I remember PhM3c Lamar, and all of his brave
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