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  1. You have correctly identified the left one as a type 1, the one on the right is a type 3. The missing tab type one maybe 35-45, the type 3 75-100. Best Paul
  2. I had one with very similar green camo over paint. Pretty sure it’s a legit helmet, but I’m not a helmet expert I’ll let them be the judge. Paul
  3. I too have the wing, insignia and medal from Morton Adams of 90th aero. But it is different than the one you have shown, and is the ones hes wearing in the studio photo on the net. Ill try to post pics of it this weekend. Best Paul
  4. Whats the name I can check the Zones of Advance list to see if he was assigned to an aero squadron at some point. Best Paul
  5. Your just showing off Allan .. lol
  6. Well the DIs are 501st regimental crests, so he was part of the 101st Abn. Could have gotten the combat star for either Normandy or Holland. Hope this helps a bit.Paul
  7. The jacket looks WWII to me and the Brit made patch looks right, the only thing you can't be sure is when the patch went on the jacket. IMO it's probably real as a fake artist wouldn't sew a $500 Brit made eagle on a 43 coat. Hope this helps Paul
  8. Inside the flap which covers the buttons most real 43s have tan material inside the covering of the flap
  9. Could you expand further as to why you think this is 502nd? Great photo either way. Best Paul
  10. Why would you want the gray color? That's 75 years of age and fading. If you want to accurately portray a combat trooper in Normandy than you would want it to look as though it was just reinforced last month with a strong color. Or even the freshly boiled in Normandy look where you still have strong coloring but slightly faded. I know Herb Zamar out of Arizona at one time reinforced suits the proper way. Just some food for thought. Paul
  11. Besides what Mike Wiley said does anyone else notice the blue thread under and around the tank corps patch. I believe this is what the old guys would call a hump job! Seems someone took what might have been a killer uniform and saw dollar signs with the tank stuff. Just my two cents Paul
  12. Could be real, Pope could have been wounded seriously enough to be sent state side and wound up as an instructor at The Parachute School. The thing that I don't like is the lack of space for a ribbon bar. I don't think it's list war because the Ike jacket most likely would have been worn at that time. Just my thoughts. Paul
  13. I know that one platoon of B /502 had BARs in an equipment bundle for the Normandy operation. Lt. Brandenberger retrieved said weapon and used it until he could find a replacement Thompson SMG as his was lost on the drop. Hope this helps I don't think that they were a TO&E weapon for the parachute infantry troopers,but they were procured and used as photos prove. The photo of the 101st troops in 43s is 327th glider which did have BARs on the TO&E. Best Paul
  14. It has a very strong British appearance to it, and I think Terry Morris has a similar example in bullion if memory serves me right. I think they are pretty kick a$$ kings my self. Definitely not the norm. Thanks for showing it Paul
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