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  1. Great group. Love the provenance. Is the first ribbon Chinese? Ebay is very particular about Japanese flags. The Japanese can sell them on eBay but not it the US. They got some heat from someone big enough to make it a rule.
  2. By the construction of the pieces I would say 1960 to 1990. I wonder if they are military.
  3. Very nice window into an American airman. I much rather save groups than split them up.
  4. He looks like he’s 14!! What a great picture to find.
  5. I was assuming he wore it in the POW camp. Are you saying that his A2 was sent back to the US or the other men held on to it for him? How does a POW get reunited with his A2 ? Didn't they reissue this type of thing? Especially since they were in high demand by many who wanted one, by hook or by crook, I might add.
  6. I have never seen an A2 from a POW before. Its got to be rare.
  7. It’s Chuch Yeagers knife that came out of his lunch pail, part of grouping of old half eaten moldy sandwiches and an empty jar of Skippy.
  8. They clearly don’t know or regularly sell Militaria. It’s like going to an antique store or flea market where Militaria is constantly miss ID’d and overpriced. These same sellers also make mistakes in the opposite direction and that’s when you can get something for nothing
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