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  1. I learned everything I know about champignon I learned from the guys.
  2. The leather patch is thick? It looks right to me. Did you get anything else with it? Have you researched the name? The contrast between that light blue of the patch and dark brown of the jacket can confuse you.
  3. I’ve never seen anything military with “made in occupied Japan” on it. Its a commercial made piece.
  4. I’ve always been a fan of the 90th and their capture of Chambois. The last time I went to Normandy was 1982 and I spent the day at the Moisy ford and Chambois. It was an incredible day!! The 90th represents the US effort in the closing of the Falaise pocket when they met up with British and Polish forces and ended the Battle of Normandy. The some of the Germans fought desperately to escape the trap making for a tough fight.
  5. Thank you Justin. Navy rates aren’t the easiest.
  6. Any serial number somewhere? On the trunk under paint?
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