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  1. I saw an Army manual like that. The same kind of binder but no cut and paste. It belonged to a CIC agent who interviewed people for a variety of different reasons. The manual was actually several different manuals in one. One of the manuals was about souvenirs and what you could confiscate. Another explains how to interview and another how to photograph captured enemy equipment.
  2. Here is an IR notice the square jaw
  3. The knight with the red shield is an Elastolin and is not meant for a horse. I don’t think those are IR. IRs had a more angular appearance.
  4. Post WW2. The bottom ones might be another maker other than Britain’s
  5. West Point cadets marching, Black Watch and mounted Arabs. Not sure about the bottom ones.
  6. Costa i wondered about whether it should be an M2.
  7. If it’s a large size it might be worth it.
  8. Beautiful work to say the least!
  9. You’re right about the way it looks. Could be the bad picture is distorting it.
  10. What is the liner like? It looks fake to me. If they start using the right liner and ditch the 3rd green color we might be in trouble.
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