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  1. The USMC camo cover is dated 1953. So if the cover is original to that helmet it was used after Korea.
  2. Was the cover dated? And do they know the cover is dated?
  3. Costa, Would it be clear that the seller now knows what they have?
  4. Maybe they survived due to their size. Thank you for showing them, I knew nothing about these.
  5. It’s hard for me to say. Do you have better pictures? What is the material? Buttons? What does the stitching look like? The cutters tags? Im sure I’m not the only one who can’t see what’s going on here.
  6. Very impressive collection. How did you connect to the 10th?
  7. The vehicles are amazing and the little barn is so well blinged out. The color and weathering of wood is not easily done but your broken fence in the cow pen looks great. I was always a big Shep Paine fan, ever since his German half-track was on the cover of Scale Modeler magazine back in the early 70s, your work is very similar.
  8. Love the brass screws! Very well done and excellent display.
  9. That won’t be the last time that happens. Back in the day scammers would take pictures from my eBay listings and start their own listings.
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