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  1. Great find, this is a hard unit history to come across.
  2. I know this is a longshot, but does anyone recognize this correspondent? I bought his photo archive, but unfortunately there is no positive ID on it. He was present for a lot of the Philippines, the Japanese surrender on the Missouri, and Tojo's suicide attempt. I narrowed it down to three names, but can't find a photo of any of them. I think it could be either sgt. George Burns, or a correspondent either the last name Wrenn or Young. His archive
  3. Great photo, and I have another possible theory. He could have been part of the 555th where he received the jacket. He then could have transferred to a quartermasters unit overseas while still owning the jacket. Far fetched, but you never know. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/555th_Parachute_Infantry_Battalion_(United_States)
  4. Great finds, could we see some close ups of the 8th AAF Ike?
  5. Does anyone know what this insignia is?
  6. I've been helping my friend downsize his collection and this will be up for sale in the near future. About 8 years ago, my friend found this jacket at a yard sale and bought it from the man who assembled the jacket. A lot of the patches were mailed to him from friends and family. The jacket itself has some really great patches and TR insignia. I've came across a few patch jackets and quilts and this is one of the most impressive ones. Sorry for the poor photo quality, the quality was lost during resizing.
  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. I’m guessing everything looks period correct?
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