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  1. Better late than never ... very cool! And thanks for letting me know! Chris
  2. We'll be holding the 2011 Fort Drum Ride Through History the weekend after Flag Day (June 18/19) at Fort Drum. Reenactors are welcome from ANY time period, doing ANY impression. Walk-on impressions are welcome, displays preferred. We're moving toward more vehicles, any vintage, any type, and are also welcoming any modern off-road Jeep. There will be a trail ride for any vehicle that wants to participate, vintage or modern. More info will be posted as it becomes available on our event Facebook page --> http://www.facebook.com/HistoryRide Pretty please, if you know any reenactors or v
  3. I don't know, Steven - there seem to be a lot of recent military comic strips around. Most run for a year or two and then die out, or just run for the duration of a deployment, but there are plenty. A couple I can think of right off top of my head are Private Murphy, Lawn Darts, Air Force Blues, Crew Dogs, Broadside, Ricky's Tour, Sempertoons, Anchors Away, Tally Ho, and Operation Elusive Concept. They all used to have their own websites and a couple of the above still do and/or can be found online elsewhere. There's also a military spouse cartoon (Jenny Spouse) that is online and runs in Star
  4. In total, MSG Opet donated 77 of his comics to the Museum, out of which 76 are originals. The last is a color copy as LTG Oates has the original. We have them all on our Facebook page which you should be able to view without having a Facebook account. Once on the page, click "wall" and then the album is posted at toward the top. You will be able to click on it and view them all.
  5. MSG Steve Opet, an Illustrator in the US Army, deployed to Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division in 2008. A few weeks ago, we received a very nice FedEx box at the 10th Mountain Division & Fort Drum Museum containing the original illustrations - ink and marker on 8x10 paper - that he did during his deployment. They were featured in the "Mountain View" newspaper and are also featured in the 10th Mountain Yearbook. The latter is currently on display in digitized version at the Museum. We're not yet sure how to best include these cartoons into a display, but in the mean time, we have digitiz
  6. I've not had as much time to come here. Plus I haven't really bought anything new for my collection worth sharing.
  7. Thanks so much, both of you!
  8. My boss at the Museum just forwarded this photo to me, which he received through Musnet. Below is the text that was in the original Musnet message -
  9. I sat down with my boss and coworkers today and we decided that we will definitely be hosting a (bigger) event at Fort Drum next year. While our focus this year was on reenactors and their displays, we want to move the focus more toward vehicles - historic military vehicles as well as modern Jeeps (we will have a Jeep Rally along with the event, including a trail ride for everyone, vintage vehicle and new Jeeps). Reenactors are welcome, of course - we'd love to have a variety of displays, especially ones that represent the history of the North Country and Fort Drum, but we'd love to get more v
  10. Thanks so much for the information. Sounds like I am going to have to wait to write the caption for it until I can have it physically in hand to answer some of the questions asked / brought up in this thread. It's currently with our collections manager for cleaning and oiling before it will go back on display. I will definitely follow up on it.
  11. I have an odd question for the collective knowledge database on the forum. I am tasked with redoing label text on some of our exhibits and among them is a Remington-Rand M1911. I believe it should be labeled as M1911A1 but our catalog carries it as an M1911. AFAIK, all the Remington-Rands were M1911A1s? Am I right? If it helps, SN 508942.
  12. No, I am pretty sure it's SCSU. But thanks so much for trying! Will do! Thank you! I just checked and yes, you are correct - it should be 1277th. I don't know why he wrote down to research the 2177th SCSU. I did try to go to the site you linked but I am getting a "not found" error. Could you tell me more about what it was?
  13. I must be old because I got the joke right away. It would make a lot more sense if the special postmark were available through the Fort Drum Post Office, since this is where Mauldin trained with the 45th Infantry Division in World War II and where he drew many of the early comics of Willie and Joe in training - like the one where the bucket of water is frozen solid. I wonder how Fort Jackson got to be "the place"?
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