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    I enjoy collecting groupings and have several. I have a mountain of militaria . I am a ww2 reenactor and do 18th - 19th cent Livinghistory programs. I also enjoy the AAF items and marine . I have been invovled with Law Enforcement,Lost Prevention in my civillian life for years. Just reenlisted in the Army Guard after being out 14 years as a MP. How exiting.

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  1. Ben,Very nice.khaki bandcroft flight crush cap!! B15 jacket ,mae west & xtras you scored!!!1
  2. I have a original 50s-60s Gold on Black woven rayon U.S. ARMY tape for you FREE. pm me with your address. John
  3. I had a phone very simular.Mine was marked for use for a Rail road in ILL. Look for stampings on box & phone.
  4. Look in left arm pit for name(s) an date.
  5. No!!!!!!!!!.I would ask the two on right remove all decorations.An file a complaint with event sponsers I am ashamed of them.Can we get there real names please?
  6. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Museum-of-Missouri-Military-History/309457984679?hc_location=stream
  7. I scored at a garage sale on my street. 327 Inf,2 Bat.101 ABN grouping Early 1970's with a blue beret all "Id".Blue beret for 101 ABN refrenced on forum. I was very suprised. I will be selling on forum not my area of collecting.John
  8. I believe I saw somthing simular attached to a persons wrist.,under a sleeve of garment fired by bumping into a person.Nice.
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