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  1. i remember seeing that MF scarf on ebay, starting bid $1000. Then auction was stopped.
  2. sir I have seen that photo a few times, in the past on ebay. I actually think he was selling some of his personal items from Vietnam on ebay
  3. sir can you post pics of the entire beret? This could also help determine the originality of your patch and beret. thanks
  4. sir any pics of his stabo rig?? would love to see the stabo. thanks
  5. Andrew nice named sog knife. did you get the sheath with it? any other items with the knife named to the veteran? also will that knife be on your site for sale or is it for the collection? thanks
  6. sir I have 4 original nam era stabo rigs, 3 named. By far I am not a expert but I don't feel comfy with your stabo, mainly the sewing pattern. but that is just my opinion.
  7. River Patrol I do believe that is correct A200 was Pete's team, plus he told me about the tab on the left shoulder of your tiger shirt, you can faintly see the tab on the shirt in the photo of Pete in Vietnam that you posted
  8. River Patrol I have looked through several emails and Xerox copied emails, that Pete sent to me. The best I can remember is that A200 had to do with them being assigned to a Mike Force, but it soon changed to another name. A200 was very shortly lived. I did find several pics Pete sent me when he was assigned to A200. These pics showed several other of his sf teammates and he gave a description and names of each photo. There was also a pic of him and sf buddies sitting in the team bar and you can clearly see several 4th mobile strike force plaques hanging on the wall.
  9. Paul I agree with you on the ribbed, but I do wanna say that somewhere I did see another pic of a named black ciso sweater and you could tell it was ribbed also and looked very similar to the sweater Mr. Farrell is wearing
  10. I wonder if the black sweat Mr Farrell is wearing is one of the ciso sweaters, or just a regular black sweater?
  11. I use to own that grouping and know the veteran in the photo. When I received the tiger shirt plus several other items such as his beret, cidg ruck, maps, personal photos and several emails. In the emails the veteran tells me about A-200. I still have a few items named to this veteran and I will try to dig out his emails and his photos to help shed some light on A-200
  12. I like them, I have 2 original MF scarves. one is the classic red/white/blue and the other is the blue/green. My blue/green scarf is nicely used and even has what appears to be blood stains. My red/white/blue scarf is also used and came with documentation the the MF vet who wore it.
  13. I will try to take pics. of the berets, jackets, and document I have belonging to this hero, this wkend and post them
  14. sir I know of this grouping, I to own several items named to this mike force veteran, to include 3 of his berets, badged jj, mike force party jacket that matches your shirt, and his lldb jump certificate.
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