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    I collect, WWII uniforms and helmets and Desert Storm-present day uniforms, helmets and patches.
  1. Well, here in central Maryland my family is getting a lot of heavy rain and wind. We have a stream and woods on our property and the stream is completely flooded and a couple trees have fallen. Still have power though!!!
  2. Hey, you may need to empty your inbox, im trying to pm you!

  3. Very cool, grouping. I really like that helmet
  4. Hey, does anyone know anyone who's trying to sell some ww2 jackets?
  5. What about patches on the right shoulder. Is it the same rule as now with it being a combat patc or was it different. Also was this common on field jackets or only dress jackets. Thanks, Nickh
  6. Very cool shirts. Chris, is right, you don't see as many as you used to. I really like that 101st one!
  7. Hey guys, starting to collect WWII uniforms and helmets. I've always love watching WWII movies and documentaries but which movies/series have a good representation on the correct patch/rank wear on the uniforms. Any that do a poor job on the patch wear? Thanks!
  8. Thanks Matt and Doyler. Just trying to get a sense of what to look for!
  9. What about enlisted rank chevrons. And did officers wear rank in the field? Im guessing no but can anyone clarify
  10. Another basic question. Would it be safe to say that most divisions in the ETO wore the shoulder patch on their field jackets. If not, where there any units that decided not to wear the patch or did some soldiers individually take it off or choose not to wear it. Also how common were rank chevrons on field jackets. Thanks! (sorry for the dumb questions)
  11. Are these the pants worn with the M-1941 Field Jacket or were there different pants worn over these?
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