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  1. Just thought I would add my dad's team as part of the Marine Detachment at NAS Coco Solo, Canal Zone in 1945. He's standing middle of the back row with the only dark tee shirt.
  2. Not unusual at all for the name to be handwritten
  3. the left one may be a sea squatters, (?) but no idea on the other.
  4. the one with the red R is German Air Force (with NATO) symbol used by JG 71. The red R is for WW1 ace Baron von Richtofen
  5. Another great video. Thanks for posting these so we can actually see places most of us will never be able to visit.
  6. Talk about coincidence....just a few minutes ago while watching a program on PBS about flight and Air Force experiments concerning altitude and space there was a scene of a guy wearing a anh-15 (minus earphones) with mbu-5 during altitude/oxygen testing. I think it was very early 60s
  7. Go ahead and restore the period patch to it. Then down the road if you let it go just let the new caretaker know about it.
  8. I'm wondering it it may be HSC-26 Chargers based at Norfolk, Va, Their patch uses the yellow lightening bolt on blue background and their history has a SAR background according to the official web page.
  9. I have a book titled "The Reluctant Raiders" about this squadron. There is a brief account of this plane and crew's loss in it and thought you might like to read some of it. ………. Lt Keeling and Lt Vidal were on anti shipping patrol off Korea when they spotted a 2500 ton tanker...….By now both planes were subjected to intense medium and light AA. Completing his run, Lt Keeling pulled up to 500 feet with his number three engine smoking. His plane gradually nosed over in a slight turn to starboard before crashing into the water two miles west of the ship."...."Lt Vidal broke off his bombing run when he observed Lt Keeling in distress and headed to scene of the crash. Heavy smoke and flames reached a height of 200 feet after the plane hit the water and only a few pieces of debris and heavy oily smoke were visible when Vidal's plane reached the scene. A uninflated life raft, wheel, and large amount of dye marker was floating on the surface. Lt Vidal had his crew threw out an inflated life raft and survival kit adjacent to the crash, but no survivors were sighted."
  10. I belive that is correct but not positive....just the one palm device on the Gallantry Cross. For the Vietnam Service medal, there are bronze or silver star devices to denote operations/campaigns. The Vietnam Campaign Medal only has the silver 1960 dated device.
  11. USMC and Navy did not use arrowheads......just the Army, so I woud say someone just put it together.
  12. Just fyi , There is already a discussion about this one and the consensus is that this is not official engraving and ribbon redone. It may very well may be a fake.http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/335150-ltc-cole-purple-heart/&do=findComment&comment=2693092
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