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  1. That could be. I never paid much attention to the ROK uniforms but I went through the pictures of this threat and I found pictures of a shirt that looks similar but has a different camo scheme. The shirt had a tailor label... To bad, I forgot to bookmark the post, so I will look tomorrow again.
  2. some of my hats. I have some others as well but they have smaller or oval vent holes. But I think these show what I mean regarding the screen of the vent holes
  3. :think: not sure - yet I haven't seen these hats with the vent hole screen on the outer side... Then yours looks like as if the inside is not lined and you can see the bare screen material. All hats I have are covered with cloth on the inside. I can take pictures of mine later
  4. Nothing against it! We all know that the reproductions became better and better - even the Chinese junk (well, not necessarily M1 helmet). I wonder how many collector will be fooled by Eays Green or Murray helmets in 25 years. No doubts about the cover, its a good one! As I said in a post before, I´d like to see the "naked Shell" but from what I can see I just I FEEL it COULD be restored. I never said this IS an restored helmet. I just have some doubts. If you don´t have doubt - its okay.
  5. No offense but in general - what is wrong with a critical scrutinize? Before I spend hundreds of $ for a helmet I would even over-over-scrutinize it. No one said you should cont the grains. But I think its a big difference if someone takes saw dust or cork to put a texture on a WWII helmet shell. I just said that I personally feel that there are some points that look odd to me. Maybe I´m wrong - maybe not. But seems Harlan has some doubts too. And what I see at the auction looks different to your example of a cork texture. Your looks good - no doubt. But again the main point for me it the (to
  6. Thanks Harlan, thats what I meant. From the little bit of the texture that is visible I´d say it is saw dust and not cork. And when I look at the rivets, they look too shiny for their age. Then when I look at the bar tack the chin strap is sewn on with... These are just the impressions I have, so I don´t feel comfortable with this helmet - I´m sorry!
  7. Mike Force meant it could be tailor made. ATM from what I can tell compared with commercial made Duck Hunters is that this shirt has some features that also make me think it really could be tailor made. The hem stitching an the end of the button fly, the flat button holes (not "keyholes" you find at mass production shirts), the shirt pockets are flat and not boxed (as you can find at STORMPRUF or CROWN mfg. Shirts - both british HK). But the ARVN camo shirts (not Tiger Stripe) have exactly the same features. All other commercial made shirts have keyhole button holes, haven´t they?
  8. I turned it inside out and looked for labels and there are no evidences of formerly sewn on pockets or anything that could have been modified. Really not! Some more pictures.
  9. So if someone is interested in it - I´m open for offers but I´m not in a hurry to sell it, just sen me a PN. I also can send better pictures if wanted.
  10. Check this thread http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...amp;hl=ba+xuyen Pic taken from another forum thread
  11. National Field Police camo, I´d say. But pic looks recolored somehow, the original camo has no green. Or backside of the Mitchell camo but again pictures seems to be recolored.
  12. its not that I have not seen mint M1 helmets but for me the cork texture looks a bit different to what I have seen. It´s just a feeling... I´d like to see the naked shell. But I might be wrong. Anyway, I do not bid on it, USMC WWII is not my end. a little bit of my "Junk Yard" :pinch:
  13. Well, look at the cork textures. One picture show a bit of it... looks strange to me. :think: Its not the liner, its the shell that makes me think... But well, maybe I have seen too many restored helmets and this one really is a great example that was stored away for decades.
  14. I have at least one with brown buttons with a post WWII date. So the different numbers and positions of buttons are a sign for different spec dates and therefore one could tell the manufacturing period from it, right? Then, some have a double seem ans some have a single seem at the back side. Was it just the choice of the manufacturer or is it because of different specs? @Johan any chance that you have some more information regarding the spec dates
  15. I absolutely know nothing about the US Navy Dress Uniforms. I once got this in a lot of uniforms but never tried to find out what it is so maybe someone can help me. Looks Taylor made to me- it has a red silk lining. Worth something or just a "Navy Dress"?
  16. okay - I just noticed that the trousers with the 13 star metal buttons have all their buttons on the outside (makes sense).
  17. I just noticed that my M43 trousers have sewn their buttons at various positions and numbers - Then I have noticed different seems at the inside of the backside. I wonder why and if all that could be a hint of when they were made. They are all US made, no Norwegian or reproduction. Any Ideas? Then the different backside seems (don´t know the technical term for that). Was it up to the manufacturer how to do it?
  18. Isn´t this a restored helmet? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-WW2-USMC-Helme...=item35b9d5ef4c
  19. Not water repellent at all - I spilled a little bit water on a sleeve cuff and it soaked it up like a sponge.
  20. absolutely correct - that why I said in post #4 "KIND OF" The black is too thick, I noticed that. But classic ERDL also has different patterns like the blurred borders or sharps borders at the early non rip stop poplin or later the brown or lime dominant or even "transitional" or the so called "invisible ERDL". Then the ARVN camo - its also an ERDL pattern, isn´t it? A lot depends on the fabric and the printing process. The so called RDF is also an ERDL pattern, isn´t it? The scheme was used in the ERDL covers in 1969 already. So what makes ERDL "the real ERDL"? I don´t want to defen
  21. No - I´m sorry! I´ll keep them for the next 20 years and then sell them to rise my pension or to buy me a PBR boat or a half track or a P38 Lightning Just for my interest - how much would you pay for them?
  22. I recently have seen an lime dom USMC ERDL Cap on eBay - made by Proper and w/o NSN - and it went for more than $80. I think its the same as with the so called RDF shirts and pants. You find the "RDF" cut garments with several camo schemes. So I think you'll also find the caps in lime dom ERDL, brown dom ERDL and the typical RDF scheme (which actually is ERDL too from what I know) - just like the shirts and pants. I have one commercial made RDF and one with NSN - both made by proper but both have the typical RDF schemes. I would assume yours is a commercial made cap - probably m
  23. To me the Duck Hunter looks earlier, not because of the type of camo but the lining is of a better quality. Brim and crown are covered with a silky fabric and the label is silky too. The erdl cap has a more rough cotton lining and a paper label. I really would like to see an old mail order catalog where they are shown in but who still has one? I also just notices that on both labels the fabric is named as "OG SATTEN"! Looks like they even have not changed the labels. In Stantons "Vietnam Uniforms" Book on page 37 he mentions that the use of blocked caps were terminated on 1 July 1964. So
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