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  1. How is this one? Its clearly white and not khaki / OD#3. It has alloy fastener, brass adjuster and steel keepers.
  2. @Rawhide45 sure - here you are. Left is the WWII one, right is the "modern" one
  3. I bought the new one to copy the insert from it because I have a WWII type but some one removed it completely. So this will be work for the cold days.
  4. I´m pulling this older topic because I got one of these desks and it has a Quartermaster sticker still applied (or what ever the sticker is). They are indeed original Army issue. The sticker shows a price of $379.50
  5. I´d assume it is an IDF (Israel) suspender, I had a similar one but made of khaki canvas and with british hooks as you find on british made US WWII equipment. Furthermore the HBT pattern fabric on the inside of the padding also looks strange.
  6. This could be the Swiss version of the BC-611 called FOX SE-100. But I would not bet on it.
  7. A Copyright inside the US Military? THAT is REALLY stupid! What are they trying to protect? I wonder who has the copyright on 5.56 ammo. Are the Marines and the Army allowed to use the same ammo? You hit it - thats what I mean! The "mine is bigger than yours" thing in the military is quite stupid since they are all fighting the same war for the same country!
  8. Why not choosing the USMC MARPAT Pattern (Woodland, Desert and Winter) for the entire US Forces? The logistical problems are solved then. Wasn't that one of the ideas of the BDU Woodland pattern back then? I don´t think they will ever find the "one and only" camouflage pattern - never ever.
  9. It´s quite hard to find certain items from these days in bigger sizes. The todays people wear larger sizes than back in the 1940´s and 1960´s. Therefore these odd big sizes are interesting nowadays. If you are a big guy and the closer the size is to what you wear regularly the more it will cost (most of the times).
  10. I have two in size 7 7/8, one is still in its original bag (have to dig it out) here are some pics of the other one.
  11. WOW look at this auction. I know they are hard to find in bigger sizes - but $290? http://www.ebay.de/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=110897318502 Seems this was a fight 2 bidders. Congrats to the seller! :thumbsup: I have two in 7 7/8 and even with mosquito net - I thinks I should sell them asap :w00t:
  12. I understand your point of view but the political system (fortunately) has changed and Germany is a strong democracy ever since. Today no one would name a street after a fallen German Wehrmachts soldier, no matter what his military effort was (apart from the political system) You now what I mean? The things have changed. I think some still may have problems and I´m sure some will not be happy and will probably protest against it (especially some of theses fxxxing Neo-Nazis). But in general I think the majority of the people would support it as long as they know and understand the story behind
  13. I just noticed this story. Article is in German language so please try a google translation. http://www.l-iz.de/Bildung/Zeitreise/2012/...ible-41339.html I think many of you know the pictures from the LIFE Magazine. A US GI shot down by a German sniper during the liberation of the City of Leipzig close to the end of WWII. Now 67 years later some activists try to rename the street where the house the GI was shot down in still stands after the GI´s name - yet it is not officially done but they try to. Hopefully the Officials in Leipzig will agree! Thats an awesome sign I think
  14. Here we have a pair of 1960´s-70´s VANGUARD Basic Para Wings
  15. I never have seen a C-1 with covered back. All I have seen have adjustment straps.
  16. for example cutting the 4 QR loops, adding D-rings and buckles to the front, adding buckles to the back, sewing in an instruction sheet for the M-1945 field pack...
  17. can you find a ZIP code at the MFG´s address, if so it is from 1963 or later. EDIT. Just noticed I have the same in my collection, it has no ZIP code so it is pre 1963, I´d assume 1950´s
  18. Indeed unmodified but one QR buckle is missing on the backside, as it seems. :thumbsup:
  19. but he listed it in the REPRO section so the fool is the buyer and not the seller (in this case). You can buy them for $80 from a chinese dealer. http://hikishop.net/wwii-us-m42-airborne-c...suit-p-153.html http://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-US-Camo-M42-A...=item46010a3256
  20. How is this one? http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/jalana/...rfman-bh16-snd/
  21. I went through the entire thread and found these two pics (I edited them a little bit). One from Beogam (post#683) and one from Norton (post#868) So the cut seems not to be too unusual. Both shirts also have pockets with clipped corners. The pic from Beogam also shows a tailor made shirt made from Korea camo farbric.
  22. That could be. I never paid much attention to the ROK uniforms but I went through the pictures of this threat and I found pictures of a shirt that looks similar but has a different camo scheme. The shirt had a tailor label... To bad, I forgot to bookmark the post, so I will look tomorrow again.
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