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  1. I found a nice Vitenam era boonie hat which was made from Garand bandoleers. Just wanted to share some pictures
  2. No, there is no such picture at the bottom. I just decided to list both items on Ebay, so if someone is interested: The stein: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200938537556 The cigarette case: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200938535181
  3. Well, this one made of porcelain not plastic or so. TIRSCHENREUTH is a quite famus (maybe world famous) fanucfacturer of high quality porcelain.
  4. @ Firefighter, yes, it is made by TIRSCHENREUTH in Bavaria, pretty clear maker stamd on the botton.
  5. A lot of German collectors & reenactors and dealer from all over Europe are involved in this Movie project. I personally delivered a lot of probs (sold and rented). A couple of friends are currently at the movie set, as far as I know the theme is "4 Weeks after D-day". They build a HUUUUUUUUUUGE camp (as they told me) with dozens of tents, field kitchens and so on.
  6. I´m pretty sure that this is a reproduction but don´t know how the Repors from NCHS look like. What makes me think of an repro is the size stamp 58, the wider mesh vent holes and the space between em (quite narrow), the bar tacks on the foliage loops and the somehow thicker fabric, so signs of former sewn in labels. Anyway, the hand embroidered CIB looks well done. Since I never had an NCHS Repro in hand I thought I´d ask for some opinions. Can someone confirm this? A friend bought the boonie on ebay thinking that it is an original but he does not believe me tat this is a repro.
  7. Are they WWII? I´d assume a later date, probably Vietnam era?
  8. The top one belongs to M-1921 "Sam Browne" Leather outfits for Officers. The one below is unknown but probably belongs to a similar set.
  9. If you need the PL-55 Plug, you can find it here: http://www.afterthebattle.de/product_info.php?info=p1089_Plug-PJ-055B---PL-55-fuer-Handset--Headset--Speaker---US-WWII-WK2.html
  10. You have the same thing with SCR-625 Mine Detecting Sets, they also have different letter suffix but no technical difference is mentioned in the manual. I assume that the letter suffix marks different manufacturer who delivered the unit to the depot - or something that.
  11. They all had liner (rubbrized collar) once, if the the liner is missing it has been removed by someone.
  12. I have a few but shipping would be 4€ to the US thats about $5.20 or so. Not sure if it is w orth for you.
  13. But the M3 came out in 1943/1944 already so where had they stored their magazines? I think that would be the only US military weapon I know they supplied without a proper magazine case. That does not make sense. Every other weapon had at least one type of "Magazine or Clip Holding Device" in WWII. Would be great to see a ORD part list, bulletin or early manual from these days.
  14. Well, that makes sense. Where else had tank crews stored their "clips" for the M3. Does not make sense to supply a SMG without magazine / clip bag. But its strange that you dont see these bags on WWII pictures. Of course, the bags may have stored in the tank but yet I have not seen any WWII pictures showing this bag in use. So when it is an ordnance corps item there should be an ORD catalog or bulletin showing this bag or a source where one can find the part number and nomenclature, right? I unfortunately do not have ORD Corps references.
  15. I have "Doghboy to GI", but the bag shown on page 205 is a differnt one. The bag shown on page 205 is the bag for the 30rd Thompson mags and not the bag show above.
  16. Has someone ever seen such specalist ranks? They have plastic clutch back, backside of the insignia and the blastic clutches are marked with SK. They are amde of aluminium. I guess they are German made.
  17. I just pulled out a 1966 dated and a 1975 dated case (cant find the 1950´s one) Look at their sizes, now I´m even more confused. The left one is nearly 2.5 - 3" longer that the other two. Johan, how long is your case?
  18. Too bad, I have no manuals for the M3 Here is another one with OD#3 trim http://www.surfacezero.com/g503/showphoto.php?photo=59656
  19. Interesting to see. Your has a wider belt loop and thinner OD#7 carrying strap. I do not have manuals for the M3 but I wonder which year they appeared in manulas for the 1st time. Some other oppinions?
  20. I always thought these .45 clip cases came out in the 1950s but this one looks earlier somehow. Yet I never have seen these cases with OD#3 trim and carrying strap. Furthermore the pullout strap and the carrying strap are made of heavy duty canvas as used on Signal Coprs BG bags for example and not the thin type that was used on later cases. All other SMG cases from the 1950´s and 1960´s In my collection are entirely made of OD#7 canvas. I´d say it is not very common to find 1950´s equipment made of a mix of OD#3 and OD#7 canvas. So I wonder if these cases came out in WWII already
  21. Thats what I expected but was not sure. I´m far away from beeing a patch buff. Thanks for the help.
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