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  1. As far as I know the WWII pattern OD#7 mountain rucksack were also mfg in 1951 (M-1951) and the later / improved M-1952 looked a bit different. Sot it also could be a 1951 model.
  2. I just figures that the 1957 dated pouch has not only a larger eyelet, it also has larger (line 24) snaps at the grenade straps and s narrower flap seam at the backside. Thee 1958 pouch (and later dated pouches) have a wider flap seam and smaller line 20 snaps. Pretty interesting details I think.
  3. men - this upload thing sux a little bit... Sorry - pictures are mixed up
  4. Just have found these M-1956 Pouches with a nice early date. They came to me covered with a pound of dust & dirt. I soaked them in water for a few hrs and they turned out quite nice. One is 1957 dated and has a different eyelet in the tab the 1958 dated one is just like the ones you find with 1959/60/61 dates. The stamps are also a bit different. maybe they are still from the experimental period - I don't know. The stock or project number is (as far as I can read it): 8465-J-100002 I have one more but is is still soaked in water. I hope I have it cleaned and dried tomorrow.
  5. I know the USAF Para Rescue had maroon berets (have one) but this one is a bit strange (but interesting somehow) and really would like to get some more info
  6. I know the pic of the SP4 is not Vietnam era (pretty obvious). But I wonder what the beret in post #6 is I have the same beret but in Rifle Green in my collection and a couple of month ago a member said these berets (in rifle green) with that certain lining + tag are Vn era and private purchased. So I wonder what this beret maroon could be as it has this certain lining with SF tag inside the and a cut edge JFK Special Warfare Center flash + crest.
  7. wow - that was fast! I just wanted to post some more pictures I have found. This seems to be Vietnam era beret ( I have the same beret with similar lining in Rifle Green in my collection) but I thought the unqualified wore the "Candy Bar" instead the full flash during the Vietnam era? EDIT: I see - assigned to SF and not SF qualified... So he came from a different unit to "support" the SF unit probably because of some special skills or so, right? Another EDIT: so if I´m right, during the VN era the unqualified SF member wore the candy bar with a green beret and the ass
  8. I recently stumbled over a pictures showing a SF soldier wearing a maroon Beret with Special Forces flash and USSF SSI on his green dress. Can someone explain this? I always thought the USSF wear or wore Rifle Green Berets.
  9. Lot number is the number for the ammunition production lot. AD# is most likely an abbreviation for the manufacturer of the bandoleer.
  10. Seems to be 1-87 dated. And I would assume it is not a US bandoleer because of the unusual stamp. There where no bandoleers for M14 magazines (and not for M16 magazines BTW). The ammo for the M14 came in 5rd stripper clips and a bandoleer held 12 of them. I would assume it is a danish bandoleer for M1 Garand clips (Or from another foreign country).
  11. I have this Beret, Woman´s, Blue Fur Felt - 1972 dated but I cannot find information. Pretty large size BTW. I know a couple of different female hats + caps but I don know what this is. Is it US Army, USN or Airforce?
  12. Hey Bob, thanks for the fast reply! Thats what I was thinking but I can´t find the pictures anymore (PC crashed) Any chance that you have some pics of ARVN soldiers wearing this cap.
  13. Its a Dutch Shovel Cover the MVO stamp mean "Ministerie van Oorlog" (War Deopartment) worth just a few bucks
  14. I got cap this in a lot of militray caps and I´m "quite sure" I have seen it on a Vietnam era picture but I don´t remember where and what / who was on the picture. I belive It was a picture in a LIFE magazine but I can´t find it anymore. I think it was a picture of a CIDG camp or an ARVN solider who wore it. But could have been a VC as well... The material is sateen cotton like they used for the OG107 utility shirts. It has a bit of a french Bigeard cap with the flaps on the back side. Maybe someone can help me
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