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  1. I have found one more mistake. Page 80 - this is not a Vietnam era CAMOUFLAGED BOONIE HAT - CHECK the wide loops made of thiker nylon tape - this is a post war Boonie hat or probably a civilian market boonie (Proper or what ever). BTW - has some one ever seen Vietnam pictures that show GI´s with arctic canteens?
  2. sry - now that I see the M-1942 tents I think these are not GP tents...
  3. Aren´t these GP Tents? Pic was taken in Korea 1953 original source - click here
  4. I think I have 2 or 3 rods but only one with cleaning Tip. I have to check again. If not complete I´m sure I have some segments of the early type.
  5. Thanks! So I´d that they have not been introduced in the 1940´s - right?
  6. thank you. But all your pictures show the carrier with the LONG pouch - I have two different types and I wonder if the LONG rod is an early type or maybe something commecial
  7. I have two early M16 bipod cases for the XM3 and both came with cleaning rods. One case has a short pouch for the standart cleaning rod but the other one has longer pouch and it had a differnt cleaning rod in it. See pictures. Two segments of the long rod have the same lengs as three segments of the short rod. The long rod also has a differnet threat and the standart cleaning brushes and cleaning tip do not fit. Does some one know if the long rod is an early type for the M16?
  8. I have a 9-50 dated US marked wrist compass with an aluminium housing. I never have found any information. Maybe some one can help me with this. Is it an XM model? I ask because the small M-1949 wrist compasses have been intoduced in 1950 already.
  9. Does some one know when the GP Small / Medium / Large tents have been introduced? I assume in the 1950s but can´t find any information or dated manuals. The forerunner are the M-1942 pyramide tents, right?
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