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  1. I wish I could upload larger pictures at one time but its not possible so I had to reduce the size
  2. Over last few weeks or months there were some "Nuremberg Trials" liner on Ebay Germany. I think there were at least 4 or 5 of them for sale. Some had odd grey webbing A-straps riveted in and some were just regular M1 liners but they all had the identical looking decals on either one or both sides. Before I go on I want to point out that I DO NOT blame the Ebay seller because he just sold them as "Winter Camo liners" and NOT as Nuremberg Trial liner!!! And he is probably not familiar with US military helmet liners. I actually have bought two of them but from the beginning I was jus
  3. I doubt patches were sewn on in the Vietnam era. The merrowed edge of the trident patch look suspicious. I would guess this patch is 1990´s or later. To me it looks like cobbled together. My 2 cents
  4. Thanks a lot - I knew I have seen it before Still wondering what the other two are for.
  5. I got these bits in a lot of cleaning accessories like rods brushes and so forth. I don´t know if these are just "odd" tools or if they belong to some certain weapons like machines guns or the like.
  6. I have this pouch and don´t know what it is for. Stamp says BCU CARRYING CASE CONT DAAHO1-82-F-0259 NSN 1440-01-069-0436 I guess it probably for a missile system? I can narrow it down to NSN 1440-01-069- which seems to a guided missile system. But I know almost nothing about ARI system so maybe someone can help me with this. Maybe something like TOW?
  7. it was on Ebay with 2 flak vests (separate auctions) - people went crazy on the flak vest but the boonie was a steal. Size is small but it´s a very unique and nicely personalized item. I´ll try to do some research. I think there weren't many MIKE´s in the 630th MP Co. in 1971-72.
  8. Pulling this older thread because I once came across these white MP Patent Leather items. I never have seen this type of white MP equipment before. Not WWII era but for sure cold war / occupation era and just wanted to share some pictures.
  9. Small size but who cares in this case. Nice original piece from the late Vietnam era. Just wanted to share some pictures.
  10. I just got in two of these straps but I have no clue what they were used for. The curved metal ends are 36.5mm wide so I guess they are for something round with 1.5" diameter. Straps are 2" wide and made from same webbing l the M-1936 carrying straps were made of.
  11. one more picture. The brass eyelets look a bit like WWI or pre WWII, don´t they?
  12. I´m pulling up this old thread because I discovered a very similar one with eyelets on either side and it clearly has a QM Tag. Unfortunately hard to read. Is looks different to the standard Army barracks bag because it is more narrow and longer. It is made of an heavier fabric. It´s a bit like denim but thicker or sateen but a bit heavier. Is is possible that it is a USMC pattern?
  13. A couple of years ago I found two old Dollar bills from the 1860´s in WWI era Army manual. And ever since I kept them but never did some research so I wonder if someone can tell me more about them. See attached pictures
  14. Maybe not what you asked for but I once posted some pictures of a real "sweet" pipe from my collection here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/135814-something-real-sweet/&do=findComment&comment=1025104 I still love this piece though I´m not a smoker.
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