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  1. I have seen AB-15/G mast base with 2 different "antenna cable connectors" One is the UG-273/U for the coax cables. But by the lord I cannot figure out what the name of this connector is. This is the one where the antenna wire is just clamped with a thumb nut (kind of). Can someone help me please
  2. I think they are pre 1941 mfg. (maybe WWI era) but they for sure have seen use in WWII just as a lot of other WWI equipment. USCE means US Corps of Engineers.
  3. Finally found a 1951 dated Signal Corps manual where this model w/o the filter container is shown. Source: TM-11-487 I Directory of Signal Corps Equipment - Sound and Light and Miscellaneous Equipment On Page 83
  4. Too bd I cannot edit my 1st post Anyway - so the shape of this MX-212/U is rather like the TL-122-C (w/o filter container) and not like the TL-122-D or MX-991/U (with filter container) so thats why I guess it could be a WWII model.
  5. Came across this early dark red version of the MX 212/U Flashlight. I have seen them in pink (the "famous one") and yellow / Black. So I´m wondering if this one could be a WWII version of the MX 221/U. Yes, I know WWII flashlights usually where marked TL-122. Maybe some one knows more about the MX 212/U history - meaning when did they come out first.... Will post pictures in a second...
  6. BTW - when you take a close look at the Kevin Lyles Book: Vietnam: Us Uniforms in Colour Photographs on page 67 - you will notice the combat medic has an M3 with strap closure w/o LTD (notice the small trap hanging down from the M3
  7. I absolutely have no idea - I´m not at all interested in German military items. I thought the acorn looks very much like the one in your 1st picture. So I assumed some sort of US knot and because of blue thread I assumed infantry. Mine has a different "slider" and cord but I thought it could be just from a different period. Iwill try to look for similar pictures on Google... Wasn´t there something like a regulation for knots? I mean almost everything had some sort of regulation in the military...
  8. The Dutch M3 are a bit wider and often have the NSN Number with 17 for the country (12 for Germay, 00 and 01 USA, 17 for Netherlands....) printed where the US M3 has the Medical Corps stamp - thats at least what I have observed. Nervous - I have pretty much the same bag and it came filled with US medical stuff. I guess this is an early - probably WWII M3 medic bag. I actually had 2 of them but one sold several years ago and I only kept the nice one. The other ne I had was marked with "New York Drop Cloth Co" or the like - I will check for pictures...
  9. I´m not collecting sword knots but this knot once came in a lot of stuff from different periods. I have no clue but I´m guessing an infantry officers knot but I have no idea what period it could be. Its all goldish metal wire with some blue. Can someone ID this knot?
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