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  1. If you can find a copy at a bookstore or library, Look for "50 Years of the Desert Boneyard", by Philip D. Chinnery. My copy is dated 1995 by Motorbooks International. It has great pics of everything from Skyraiders to Phantoms to O-2A Skymasters. The book is only about 100 or so pages long, but it's heavy on color pictures. Enough to make me cry, knowing that most of what you see has already been melted down. My copy had a slight flaw in the binding, so I got it for about $10 at a gun show. I wouldn't sell it for ten times that much. It's that good!.........Maybe check ebay.
  2. I kid you not....This is my right hand, 12-27-07, after five days in the hospital. I've been blowing things up for thirty years. One lapse in judgement or a minor brain fart can leave you a lot worse than this. I count myself lucky. The second pic is of my calf. Clear to the bone. I have some "cool" pics of magnets sticking to my thumb, but I'll spare you. When you think that you know it all, you're still dumber than a sack of hammers.
  3. Interesting! The cemetary is on the west side of Rt.53. There were many manufacturing and loading facilities on the east side, which I'm more familiar with. There are remains of a test firing range on this side also. The impact hill has been partially dug out. The fortified firing blockhouse still stands, as do the wiring stations for radar and chronograph. The concrete pad and bolts suggest a fixed gun mount. It's both funny and sad to see cattle wandering in and out of the blockhouse and grazing on top of the backstop hill.
  4. Sorry about stretching the screen to need scrolling. All forums are different. I'll learn, in time. When I get back out to the old arsenal grounds again, I'll get some more interesting pictures. Thanks for your interest, and giving me a place to post these pics......Happy New year!.....Dale...(tap)
  5. My dad was a farmer and worked at the plant during WW2. Therefore, he was not drafted. A friend grazes cattle on the old arsenal grounds. I water them during the summer months, so I have access to areas that are still off limits to bikers, hunters, etc. Sadly, I somehow lost most of my photos from there. Here is a pic of one of the hundreds of ammo storage bunkers on the property. Another of a practice 105mm round and some war time graffiti on a bunker wall.
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