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  1. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss these stories. I have a friend who got a crate in a Jeep for less than $200.
  2. It's like eating potato chips, isn't it? Congratulations!
  3. That one does have an M2 stock. All in all, it's okay from the look of it. A mixmaster, but a carbine that's not is unusual and costly. I traded a huge amount of militaria for a 5.7 million s/n Springfield M1 in outstanding condition. I would say dollar for dollar, I gave more than I got, but we're both happy. You can't quantify everything. If you're happy with it, that's a good deal!
  4. Maybe he was talking about the ones without the 50 cals.
  5. >We have seen more than one example of sellers who have pulled or changed a listing after learning about it being discussed on this forum This raises a question in my mind; was this fraud attempted by a member of this forum? Or a lurker on this forum? Less than ½ hour passed from my asking if it could be stopped to it's disappearance from ebay. That's a very rapid reaction. If either of these is the case, it shows that this forum has the opportunity to help fellow collectors even outside of these pages.
  6. I know next to nothing about helmets, but I would guess that picking up five different stamps to mark the rim would not aid production! If I could speak with authority, I would contact ebay about this. [Edit] Somebody did a good deed? The page doesn't come up for me anymore.
  7. I'd also like to know how this item has been identified as fraudulent. If it's easily proven to be a postwar foreign copy, is there no way to alert ebay? I, for one, don't think it's funny if it's a fake, and would like to stop it. If there's a chance to prevent a less informed collector from being ripped off, why wouldn't we do it? Does ebay prevent our "interference"?
  8. In 1963 my barber,who was an aviation buff, told me you could buy a P51 for $1000 and make it airworthy for another $1000. He added that it would cost $400/hour to fly. I have no idea how accurate his numbers were, but it always drives me crazy to think of it.
  9. I seem to recall ads in the back of comic books or something similar. Military Harleys packed in 50 gallon drums for $50, stuff like that. As badly as I wanted a motorcycle in those days, I knew that a Harley in a drum would, under my magic hand, become a Harley all over the basement floor. I never bit. I knew of two barn finds. One was a Pierce-Arrow that swallowed huge amounts of money to become a prize-winning restoration, and a first year T-Bird bought new by a well-to-do older woman who immediately decided that she didn't like it. It sat in a garage almost unused, to be found by the w
  10. >I remember him telling me about talking to old Civil War vets as a child When my father was a child in Hopewell, NJ, he shook the hand of a Civil War Veteran who had himself shaken the hand of a Revolutionary War veteran. I too remember that when we were kids, everyone's dad had been in the service during WWII and a lot of the moms worked in wartime production. It wasn't even something worth mentioning. When we played "army" it was "We'll be the Americans and you be the Germans." Nobody wanted to be the Germans.
  11. Latewatch, that's a great room. How is it for ambient moisture? Job well done!
  12. Did they remill early stocks for the selector switch? (I can see that I'm going to be up to my ears in "War Baby!" this weekend.)
  13. After consulting Larry Ruth's "War Baby!", I see that the sans serif P without a circle indicates an arsenal rebuild. I fetched my stocks from the barn and found that one is a late manufacture Winchester walnut potbelly with a W in the sling aperture and no other markings. The second may be birch as there are some light areas showing here and there. It has "L-A" stamped in the sling aperture and a small C stamped on the bottom (not the front) of the pistol grip. This one is not a potbelly. The Win has a 4 rivet hand guard and the LA has a 2 rivet walnut guard, both possibly obtained separa
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