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  1. Found this on a bottom shelf of an older gun shop. One of the two boxes was opened. No leakage from the cans. Still has that nice smell though.
  2. A painted helmet I picked up a few months ago, Post war of course
  3. My grandfather gave me these pictures many years ago. They were taken by his cousin, a Navy photographer who went on to work for the newspapers. The one is of Pearl Harbor from a negative he found on Yohmsuka naval base. There are better copies of this picture but this is an original. The rest are of the Japanese surrender, surrender of the Yohmsuka naval base to the USMC, street pictures of occupied Japan, Damaged Japanese Warships in Tokyo harbor. and caves in which the Japanese had workshops and shelters.
  4. Sorry to hear this. I was very fortunate to meet 3 survivors. One is still with us. He does the memorial day parade in his home town every year.
  5. Always Great photos Doc!! If you ever want some from the other side I could arange it Thanks Tim K
  6. Tryed to pm you but it is full. About the Marine jacket I purchased. I have not gotten it yet.

  7. Amen to that... What a Tough but Beautiful bird.
  8. I'll be there, doing the dark side. DAK display. I've run the one side of the spectator (airfield) battle for a few years now.
  9. OHHHHHH I just LOVE the late war rear seam and OD chin straps with the 82ed Operation Husky 1943 Camo and 101st markings. This covers the whole War! An eccentric mix sure to please.
  10. I am sorry I misidentified the para helmet. it is an M1c. It has been a few months since I did any helmet research
  11. You are absolutely correct. I got the two confused. It has been a few months since I did any helmet research or review I did not mean to mislead anyone. Thank you
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