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    USMC Helicopter and other Marine Corps items: EGAs, Shooting badges, Field Uniforms (1775-present), Aviation / flight gear, Aviation insignia (especially Helicopter and Tiltrotor squadron patches, almost anything US Marine Corps related.

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  1. #50 USMC Enlisted Dress EGA 1937 pattern used 1937-1955 #51 USMC Enlisted Service Uniform EGA 1937 pattern used 1937-1955 couple nice WWII - Korean war era Marine Corps Devices
  2. I LANDED on Iwo Jima (Literally flew a helicopter full of Marines there) for the 65th anniversary. Shut down and spent a few hours there. I reenlisted one of the Marines i was with on the landing beach. I didn't have a lot of time to look around, but picked up some sand and a piece of Sulfur rock from Mt Suribachi. Wish I had a couple days, but very grateful for the opportunity that I had.
  3. Actually those are 1920s. Probably closer to $35-$40 for the pair
  4. Some really Nice patches. Congratulations
  5. Some really nice items there. thanks for sharing with us. S/F, John
  6. Is anyone bringing any early USMC Helicopter items? Specifically looking for HMR-361 patch, but any Marine helicopter patch I don't have would be nice.
  7. Very Nice Collection, Thanks For Sharing
  8. Bob, Nice Haul. It has been a few years since I was at one of the Eagles club / Bellflour shows, but I remember getting tons of stuff there when I was younger!!! Congrats, John
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