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  1. That shell looks really tall. Almost like it was made for someone with a very large brain or something. Just kidding. Very cool find!
  2. I believe its a McCord pot that was repurposed after the war and or sold to a foreign military, where it received some unusual chinstraps and paratrooper fiberglass liner. I removed the liner for the taking of the pictures above in this thread. Here's some pictures of the liner & pot as it looked when I got it.
  3. I'm not 100% sure, but i think this M1 pot is a WWII era McCord. Anyone know for sure or not? Heat number is 1283A. And on a side note, I think there was once something painted or etched into the front of this helmet. See picture below. Under layers of paint. Any idea?
  4. Yes, it is. I doubt more than 10 people outside Paul's family have ever seen this picture before until now. He kept it as a souvenir from way back.
  5. I don't know if anyone would find this interesting or not, but one of my coworkers has an old picture pinned on the wall at work of him & Elvis from 1958. My coworker, Paul, is a older man who served in the Army and USN from the late 50s-mid 60s(I know that cause I've talked to him briefly about his service). This picture was made of him and Elvis Presley while Paul was in the US Army. Notice the M1 liner Elvis is wearing. I assume that is a WWII era liner? I know the picture isn't super clear, but upon close examination, I believe there's a rivet hole in the forehead area of the liner. Wh
  6. I've been reading around on here for a while and am still trying to figure out how exactly folks are able to date a helmet according to the stamped # inside. Is there a reference chart somewhere on the site? I have a SB rear seam Schlueter M1 that I'd like to try to figure out datewise. The stamped # is hard to read without removing more paint, which I hesistate to do but the helmet isn't in too great condition anyway. But it seems to read "765 A". Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd just like to know what I have. Thanks!
  7. I recently found this rear seam, fixed bail M1 pot with unusual chinstrap. Had been in a guy's attic for years. Said it was used by a well known soldier. See pictures below: These markings on the inside may be a clue as to who used this helmet. Anyone ever seen one of these before?
  8. This is a hard decision, but if I were to strip it, I'd try to strip it progressively. So there would be different layers exposed across the pot. Kinda like a tree ring cut through. It would be cool display a helmet that had multiple layers of paint 'peeled' back so you could see each one individually. I don't really know if that's possible, but it would be worth a try if you are tempted to strip it. Just my 2 cents.
  9. I have a white painted M1 helmet too. Was wondering if it was a snow troops helmet or something else. Mine isn't quite as aged when it comes to the white paint, so it might have been done much later. But your helmet looks original in a lot of ways.
  10. That FB in mint condition with the firestone liner is incredible. I love seeing things that old that appear so new!
  11. Wow! That is an awesome find for a surplus store find. How much did you have to pay for that? Did they know what they have?
  12. Helmet #3 Large, old M1 pot style. Possibly a WWII helmet?
  13. Helmet #2 Says something like "Brigada Parachut...." on cloth label.
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