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  1. It looks ok. The catch and pebbling are good. The front looks fine just probably not a worn one.
  2. The Mannerheim Museum in Helsinki obviously has a whole section dedicated to him. The best books on him are in Finnish unfortunately. However, Under Three flags is a decent book. Larry Thorne wasnt unique by any means going to the SS Junkerschule. There were many foreign officers who attended. There are also a handful of Lodge Act guys who were early joiners to Special Forces that had served in the German Army or SS. Another interesting Arlington note is that Thorne is buried with his Vietnamese counterparts in the same grave. I am friends with his Team Sergeant from early on in Tolz.
  3. I recently acquired this photo of Roy Yaeger. It is the second photo I have of the two Yaeger Brothers out of Hebronville Texas. What is unique is that the brothers were twins who were both awarded the DSC on the same day while assigned to the 320th MG Bn. They were manning a MG in support of the 326th Infantry during the St Mihiel Campaign. I think this is the only time in US Military History where twin brothers were awarded the DSC for the same action. Anyway, it is the holy grail for me of WW1 82nd Division collectables.
  4. I am the seller of the Allen items. I bought almost everything of his from his widow. Except all of the uniforms which had already been sold at the Fayetteville flea market. None of his uniforms in his photos have a CIB. Even the ones in Vietnam. And he had 3 tours on the ODA and ODB level, silver star, bronze star, 20+ air medals w/V device and so on. There were hundreds of pieces of loose insignia, theater made and us made, rolls of Bevo wings etc. I found a photo of some of it. THere is a CIB in that photo and I think there are a couple of metal ones. But it isnt uncommon to not see them o
  5. Doyler, If you look at my postings under Groupings, in May of 16 I posted some of the nicest items. I took his medals, Class As, and one of his German made berets and framed it for the wife so she could donate it to 10th Group. So it is hanging up in the Group HQ.
  6. I appreciate the comments. I don't think the knife is questionable it's just been repaired. I think militaria collectors often forget knives and kit were supposed to be used. Lol. The back story on this knife is that when the this guy retired in the early 70s he put all his military gear in a crate and nailed it shut. It stayed that way till 43 years later when I got to open it after his death and bought the contents. So why the sheath is beat up and the knife isnt, I don't know. But I think the knife is a clean example with a replacement pin in the pommel.
  7. I think that is certainly possible. I have photos of 10th Group at Bragg wearing WW2 camo frog suits, foreign gear, etc. There was also a thread talking about Early LRRPs in Germany getting V-42s. I'm sure that the early Special Operations Units could have what they wanted. I would be curious about the pommel as well.
  8. So the JFK Museum on Fort Bragg has a roster. I believe they are tracking even the Q course guys who got them. However, you stated that he said a younger guy gave it to him so it wouldnt be tied to his name but the guy who gave it to him so it is possible that he bought it somewhere. I would trust your instinct.
  9. So I wanted to share this V-42 I picked up. It came from the widow of a Original 10th Group member who joined Special Forces in 1952. He was a 19 so not a WW2 veteran. Unfortunately that is where the story ends. Sadly, she had no idea where he had gotten it. Looking at the knife's condition versus the Scabbard I would guess the scabbard was not original to this knife. However, there is a good impression of the knife on the scabbard. I'd appreciate any comments.
  10. Paddock's book "Origins of SF" is a good start. Avoid Plaster's book. They do not provide much on SF specifically as SOG was a joint unit, not SF specific. If you want to do specific research on an individual, Steve Sherman is the man. He does have the most comprehensive personnel list going. If it's 10th Group specific send me an email and I can probably help you. That is my area of expertise. Good luck with your project.
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