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  1. Picked up this interesting t44 loom off of eBay awhile back. Anybody seen this type of modification before?
  2. In looking at my mask the microphone cavity does not appear large enough for the microphone you show. I believe it is set up for the anb mc1 having a smaller round receptacle. Forgive my ignorance, first foray into jet age helmets. The mask has the earlier green anodized oxygen socket on the hose too. I think this mask probably had the early microphone is there a way to be sure? Also, was there a post ww2 anbmc1 microphone produced with a longer cord for the p helmets? Thanks
  3. As fitted to a p-3 usaaf helmet circa 1952-1953
  4. Looking for information on the correct microphone for the early ms22001 oxygen mask Thanks
  5. I have a c-2 raft case that is missing the cover/accessory section. Ideally I am looking for a spare one that I can buy. However, I am planning on having a reproduction made. Can someone help me out with detailed pictures of the cover/accessory section? thanks
  6. looking for p-1 flight helmet, anybody have one for sale or trade? thanks
  7. does anybody have original an original complete c-1 vest that they could post pictures? thanks in advance.... specifically the flares and/or flare launcher. and items in the accessory box. thanks
  8. dont suppose you would want to part with one of the boxes? I need one to get one step closer to finishing my c-1 vest. thanks Tony
  9. looking for more info on the type z-3 suit. Some great info posted here, I understand the z-3 suit was USN only? I was looking for a late WW2 USAAF suit, but found an unissued z-3 suit instead. Most of my USN stuff is earlier than the z-3 usage. The z-3 was used from korea to early vietnam? How close is the z-3 to its usaf counterpart?
  10. thanks, confirmed my instincts. Appreciate the replies.
  11. sorry if this is the wrong spot for this, I am a new member. I dont think this patch is correctly identified by the seller, identified by the seller as the 519th fighter interceptor squadron which never left the USA during korea and vietnam, the scroll on the bottom is vietnamese for tiger cub. I like the graphic and the older style blue circle and white star, any thoughts on correct unit id? http://www.ebay.com/itm/390666023909?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
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