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  1. Well ptches, we solved that mystery. That episode rates up at the top along with the one about the tank crew that went back in time to the Battle of The Little Big Horn and decided to try and help Custer even though the tank had broken down..
  2. Can't vouch for the patch but I'd be willing to bet that the Latin does translate to "Tastes like chicken". In an old Twilight Zone episode, aliens landed on earth and along with technology and other things given to us that made our life better, was a book titled "To Serve Man". All this was a means to convince humans that they were friendly and meant no harm. Most everyone was convinced and they started to offer rides in their spaceship to groups of humans to their planet. Meantime our best minds tried to decipher the alien text and only after the rides began, did they figure out it was
  3. The left patch is the 511th Tactical Fighter Sq and the right patch is the 510th Tac Ftr Sq. Both look to be from when they flew the A-10 with the 81stTFW 1979 til the mid 90's.
  4. 1st patch is a German AF patch, third is the 479th EMS or FMS of the 479th Flying Training Wg if I remember correctly
  5. 47th Fighter Interceptor Sq. Large 4 and dice total 7. When you look at USAF patches, you have to decipher all the possibilities. Some are obvious, some are not. Some are no where close! http://www.usafpatches.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=127&pid=15087
  6. Found this in a local second hand shop. Seems like it is reproduced by some of the known re-poppers on ebay and believe this is a good one. Opinions welcome!
  7. A recent find from the USS Kitty Hawk. It's hard to see but IM1, IM2 and IM3 are at the top and bottom corners of the red triangle.
  8. A recent find. The WESTPAC 1969 is in gold tinsel thread and was hard to capture in the photo
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