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  1. Great piece of history Mike, couldn't have gone to a better home.
  2. Awesome jacket with a great name! Can't say I've seen the Team 5 patch before, outstanding piece.

    Seal jacket

    Would be interesting to see if the name shows up on any Team roster.
  4. Basically, yes. It's called a DOR (drop on request).
  5. Class 222 would have been in 1998 based on my numbers.
  6. Hunting garment. Funny how you can call out a sapper suit as FAKE based on one picture...but this stumped you.
  7. Having seen this in person and hearing the name, I think this is the coolest coat I've seen, or at least up there with one of Spike's modified.
  8. Good stuff O, you are the lizard king...
  9. Alonzo, there's a couple pairs of UDT duck feet for sale on VP's website.
  10. Great show. Found some nice items for my collection and made a good contact. A HUGE thanks to Bob and his staff for putting on yet another great event!
  11. Nice haul. Some very cool modded pieces in there! I'm not really up on any of the newer stuff, but the LBV and ALICE gear is awesome to me. Killer VSW shirt too!
  12. Very cool piece O. Glad you snagged it!
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