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  1. Awesome... Thanks guys! I had seen a similar jacket on another forum that had received mixed reviews so I just wanted to be sure. It looks good in hand and has that great smell to it - History!
  2. Its been a while since I have posted on the forum so I hope this is in the correct section... I have had my eye out for a decent, affordable m41 for some time now. Knowing that these are extremely desirable and heavily reproduced I have always treaded cautiously. This jacket is missing the spec label which I know is not uncommon but it is in exceptional shape with just a few nips and minor discoloration. The material, construction and details look good but I would love a second opinion. At the very least, perhaps this can become another reference thread as to good or bad. Any feedback gr
  3. Sorry guys, I have very limited internet access over the weekends... That is some great info on that other thread. To sum up... Yes, my buckle is definitely painted steel with no stamps or markings. It looks like it was originally black and then painted green at some point. Could be war-time done, but I'm thinking post-war played with. I'll just have to wait for that nice, early, non-messed with chinstrap. :thumbsup: Thanks for all the help. Jon
  4. Yes, I believe it is. It looks to have some mild corrosion on it with a mix of green and black paint.
  5. It seems that this may be sort of an oddity... Does anyone care to chime in on - if this was in fact a legitimate piece... What time frame would you date it? real Late War or interim to Korean era? btw... There is no anchor stamp on the buckle if I have not mentioned it already. Thanks :thumbsup:
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