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  1. Thanks James for a neat video of a great museum. Have had the pleasure of attending some years back. Seems like the flock has grown! NASM needs to be on every military aviation enthusiasts bucket list! Bobgee
  2. What a wondderful story. Congrats to you for being a great custodian of Sgt. Spaar's memorabilia. I loved reading this! Bobgee
  3. Nice to see again. Outstanding! Semper Fi! bobgee
  4. Thanks for sharing this sad reminder of sacrifice. May all the Dobbins men Rest in Peace.
  5. A wonderful group to a true Naval hero. Many years ago as a kid I worked with a gent who had served aboard Marblehead and was wounded. Bobgee
  6. Bump for the 78th anniversary. This group is now being cared for by another Forum member. We must never forget the sacrifices of these men. Semper Fi! Bob
  7. Kurt-Thanks for re-posting on this historic day. May Musician Kinney continue to Rest in Peace at Pearl Harbor. And a good day to remember Tom Lane and his dedication to preserving the memory of our fallen heroes. He is missed. And this goes for your father-in-law as well. Bob
  8. OooRah! Semper Fi ! Proud to wear the Emblem! Bobgee
  9. Another wonderful & most realistic rendering, Dennis! Thank you for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving - Bob
  10. Great tribute. Robert. Rest in Peace, Eddie.
  11. Hey David! Miss you out here in Texas. Hope you've settled in up East. The Gold Star on USMC/USN awards signify additional awards just like the OLC on Army decs. Best Regards - Bob
  12. D-1 Jackets were primarily worn by AAF ground personnel. Flyers wore the B-3. I'm suspicious of the war-time vintage of this jacket, for reasons stated as well.
  13. In addition to China Relief #46, Pvt Robert Elliott also received Philippine Campaign # 143; Cuban Pacification # unk; 1912 Nicarguan Campaign #194 and may have also received another China Relief #604 in 1926. This info from the Scott Smith records. A really nice early group. If this China turned up alone it could account for the 1925 repacement. Semper Fi! Bobgee
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