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  1. Most Marine officers are commissioned into the USMCR. Most enlisted men during VietNam were regular enlistees, thus USMC. Most posthumous PH medals from VietNam that are found named (naming ceased about June 1967 if I recall) are to enlisted men. The naming on this Purple Hear does not conform to the unusual small pantograph naming on USMC PHs. Semper Fi - Bobgee
  2. FYI - This is a pic of a patch which I owned many years ago which came from an NCO who served in VMF-214 1943-45. Bob
  3. The 1937 Second Division history confirms his 2 Silver Citation Stars. It appears that he wears one silver star on his ribbon bar. He received his first as stated at Belleau Wood and his second at Soissons, no citation noted, along with two Croix de Guerre, one Gold & one Silver star. No citations or exact dates. This info will likely be found in his personal record file. It's possible that someone in the family in the 1940s or 50s requested the Silver Star Medal. If so there may be copies of letters in his file also. If I owned this group I would be getting his records from the NPRC. It w
  4. Nice group. As Bruce pointed out the Silver Star w/OLC, to which Busic was entitled, was added much later. The patch is a vintage 2nd Div HQ and appears to be the one worn in the photo. Copies of his records will definitely enhance this group. The USA marked dog tags are a puzzle. Semper Fi - Bobgee
  5. What a treat to see this great uniform! I just watched "Tora, Tora, Tora" yesterday on TCM so it's especially nice this AM. BTW that 1970 film is outstanding and I recommend it to any of you younger guys. much better IMHO than "Midway" and of course, "Pear Harbor" Pre- CGI using models and real aircraft. Just my 2-cents. Bobgee
  6. R.I.P. Roger - a great contributor to the hobby.
  7. Wonderful document, Dirk. Original First-hand naratives are quite rare. Congrats! Bob
  8. Outstanding and very RARE group! Thanks for sharing. Semper Fi Bob
  9. Very interesting video. Indeed a sad chapter in American history. However, as in looking back at many questionable events of the past by today's standards it is impossible to put them in the same context. I was 3 & a half when Pearl Harbor was attacked. I hated the "Japs" as I grew up. I remember that. When as a young man I learned about the internment camps I was shocked that "we" would have done that to fellow Americans. I became more shocked & embarrassed when I learned of the heroism of the Japanese-Americans in the 442nd Infantry. But still today I wonder how I would have felt abo
  10. Great link on old combat rations! Thanks - I remember eating them back in the day! Bobgee
  11. Thanks, Dirk! Good stuff. Bob
  12. The "Lady Be Good" story has always been intriquing to me since I first learned of the discovery of the nearly intact B-24 in the Libyan desert in Feb 1959. I followed the tale through the discovery of the remains of 9 of the 10 crewmen. A sad story of these young men on their first combat mission, who got lost. The probable cause was simply, inexperience. The "Sole Survivor' film is of course based on the "Lady". There were many B-25s around in 1970 since they continued in the USAF inventory through the 1950s and perhaps later,The most famous use of original B-25s were the 16 used in "Ca
  13. Don't know what patch is but I believe it depicts a side view of the Egyptian Sphinx! Bobgee
  14. That Silver Star is absolutely fantastic. Sorry to hear of retired GySgt Dan Kounovsky's passing. He was a proud Marine, an avid & excellent medal collector and a friend for many years. May he and Sgt Magee Rest in Peace/ Semper Fi! Bob
  15. Great progress. Your enthusiasm shows. Hard work. It will be wonderful to continue to see it. I have fond memories of driving an M-41 at Camp Drum in the mid-50s. I was a 17 year old NG troop. 101st AC. NYNG. Bobgee
  16. Very nice group to preserve. R.I.P. Pfc Johnson
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