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  1. Well, as the SoS warriors are beating feet today in Louisville, myself and a buddy here in North Texas got together to lighten up our sadness on being unable to attend and did a little trading. I have lusted after this piece for years and now it hangs on my wall. I've been collecting and looking at China blood chits for many years and have never seen one like this. It is leather and made for a Marine serving with the 11th Marines in China in 1945/46. It bears a leather USMC EGA and a leather 1st Marine Division patch. It also bears the name, rank and serial number of the owner, in English
  2. It is NOT official issue engraving. Bobgee
  3. 509 th Bomb Group USAAF was the Atomic Bomb group from Tinian - August 1945. Interesting buckle. Bobgee
  4. Seeing the continued interest in this China spoof medal I pulled it out and took some better pics. Enjoy - Semper Fi - Bob
  5. Great post. Rest in Peace, Marine. Semper Fi!
  6. Great info, katieony - Thanks for posting. It's great to learn new stuff about old things! Semper Fi - Bob
  7. Unbelievable find! "Handsome Jack" Myers - Hero of Pekin. Semper Fi! Bobgee
  8. Great group! I don't believe there were many WWII officers holding the branch assignment of CAV as we phased out our horses early on. He was a holdover and never had his BOS changed. I agree that he probably earned his most unusual AM in a light observation aircraft during the bulge fighting, probably assigned to a TD unit. Super! BTW - I started my military service in the 101st Armored Cacalry in NYC in 1954 and wore the same DUI we called the "Dickey Bird".
  9. +1 ….and probably carried by the recipient as a pocket token based on the condition.
  10. Great history video Thanks for posting. . In 1945/46 the U-505 was in New York City, open to the public and my Dad took me on a tour. One of the things that I'm sure influenced my life-long interest in military history. Bobgee
  11. Found this great thread recently. Here is my combat-flown Gordan & Fereguson M-422A which was given to me many years ago by the Marine Corps aviator vet who was a friend in the Marine Corps League. He flew the Corsair in VMF-224 in combat in the Marshalls and at Okinawa. 1 Zero kill recorded. The first pic is the jacket followed by the well worn label, (sz 38), his very faded and worn original brown name tag and the USN collar stamp. The final pic is the jacket with his original squadron patch laid on, It was never sewn on. Enjoy! Semper Fi! Bobgee
  12. Without any BS, her record in space is outstanding. A big congrats to her & also her team. she makes America PROUD! Bobgee
  13. Bob - Wonderful history. Thanks for posting these. Much useful & historical info on these pages. They preceded the National Geographic pubs on insignia and educated the wartime Homefront. Any collector who has an interest in WWII squadron/unit insignia should be on the lookout for a set. I've had one for many years though the condition of yours is superior. Thanks again. EXCELLENT POST! Bobgee
  14. R.I.P. Kirk Douglas - A great entertainer. Imagine 103 years! I have enjoyed many hours of his great acting. Bob
  15. It appears to be a 4th Fighter Group Eagle over an Eagle Squadron sleeve insignia. 334th FS was part of the 4th FG. Perhaps jacket relates to a former ES member later in the 334th. Any name showing up? Bobgee
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