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  1. Terrific! Historic event. OooRah! Semper Fi !
  2. Great actor! Love "A Walk in the Sun".
  3. Terrific pics, Dirk! Thanks for sharing. Semper Fi - Bob
  4. What's to nit- pick? It's a wonderful recreation of USMC history! SEMPER FI ! Bob
  5. Nico - There is nothing about this jacket to suggest that it was a U.S. military garment, either in design, construction or especially in the color. We have a saying here in the states, "you're barking up the wrong tree." Since it was found in the house of a former WWII French soldier I'd look in Europe for for a source. Good luck. Bobgee
  6. R.I.P. Ms. Johnson. Her contributions to America's Space Program were monumental. She was 101 years old.
  7. Dittos on all the comments made about Robert Wilson - I'll add "A Prince of a guy!" A super knowledgeable militaria/medal dealer-and a collector himself. Always willing to share. Good on ya, Robert!
  8. USMC China Relief Expedition Medal #240 was awarded to Marine Albert J. Rice.on 27 Sept 1909. On that same day he also received USMC Philippine Camaign Medal # 666. No other information known. Semper Fi _ Bobgee
  9. Oh well - Not there but love the pics! Lots of nostalgia. Every military collector should have this show on their list. Sort of like a trip to Mecca. LOL
  10. OOPS! Not for sale - Pushed the wrong button!
  11. Great group & write up. Semper Fi ! Bobgee
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