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  1. I really like "Old Corps" pics. I'm going to try post a few I have in my collection.
  2. Nice USMC GCMs. Keeping in mind that in 1910 a Marine had to re-enlist to receive a GCM, James W. Scott did so Aug 29, 1910 and received his badge No. 1659 in what is referred to as Harris Type III engraving. Napoleon Byron took his discharge in 1910; did not re-enlist until likely in 1913 and having qualified earlier, then received GCM badge No. 3971 in the Harris Type IV engraving. The GCM numbers were sequential and unless effected by a broken enlistment, were pretty much chronological through 1938 when the "A" & "B" prefixes began. Marines who enlisted prior to Pearl Harbor continued t
  3. Howdy . Saw your Post andit brought up a question for me. I have an ME-110 pilot's 'Flugbuch' in my collection. He was with 6/ZG76, On 14 Oct 43 he claimed a "Fortress II" (B-17G) which crashed nr Glashofen. The combat occurred(it appears) between 1315 and 1500 hrs, German time. Any chance you might come with a possibility of who his victim was? Big order....any info will be appreciated.
  4. The uniform in post 22 is that of a WWII Navy "Doc" PhM2cl assigned to the USMC FMF. Corpsman are authorized to wear the USMC uniform with Navy rates, if they conform to the grooming standards of the Corps. They can also choose to wear their Naval uniforms.The EGA device on the APT ribbon was and is authorized for USN personnel who qualified for the award while serving with the Corps and may be seen on all campaign ribbons in Marines served. In essence while with the Corps they are Marines. Semper Fi!......Bob
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    Can't relate this insignia to the USMC. Also I agree with Marine-Kabar that Recon Marines are bad-xxx troops. Whether they have direct lineage to the Raider Bns of WW2 is dealing in semantics. Here's a pic of a Recon Co Cdrs Guidon from Charlie 3rd Recon 1962/63 when they were on Okinawa and the Bn Cdr was MOH recipient Bill Barber. The owner of this flag went on to command the 5th Recon Bn at Camp Pendleton and the 1st Recon Bn in Vietnam in 1967.
  6. Howdy DevilDan Great image of Daly which I personally have never seen before. Thanks for posting it. Bob
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