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  1. OUTSTANDING Group of an OUTSTANDING Marine. I've always hoped a movie would be made about Ortiz and his merry band. Truth, stranger than fiction!. Congrats on being the custodian of this historic material! Semper FI! Bob
  2. Great medals - Great thread! Thanks to all posters!
  3. Wonderful USMC group. Hope that named Purple Heart ends up back with it. The USMC GCM issue in this case is really interesting. As most USMC GCM collectors know, during WWI, for example almost every Marine who enlisted for the duration and served honorably received a rim-numbered GCM regardless of the length of service be it 2 weeks or 2 years. I have a Purple Heart group to a Marine who enlisted in 1916 for 4 years. He served in the Dominican Republic and in France where was wounded. He was Honorably Discharged in 1919 due to his wounds, but short of the completion of his 4 year enlistmen
  4. A fine coat. Great add-on restoration. Outstanding records. The sucessful/unsucessful war patrol is news to me. I've always thought that the stars on the submarine combat clasp were automatic for the completion of a war patrol. Live & learn! Semper Fi - Bobgee
  5. Another excellent look at history, James. Thanks for sharing. If there is anything controversial I sure didn't see it. I wonder if Tom Hanks or Mr. Zuckerberg would find that it violates "community standards"? I seldom go there. You do what your name says - "History Traveler" Lots of folks would like to actually see the places you report on but can't for any number of reasons. With your videos and reports it's like being there. keep up the great work. I think you should appeal the Face Book suspension and demand justification from them for their totally illogical decision. My 2-cents! Bob
  6. Beautiful uniform, Dirk. I think the EGAs were fabricated from originals elsewhere in the world!. Semper Fi - Bob
  7. R.I.P. Marine Lavier - Semper Fi!
  8. Elizabeth - The Air Force Museum in Dayton is THE USAF Museum. It is fantastic. A must visit for any history-oriented person. They have so much unbelievable stuff on display - artifacts & airplanes and everything in between. Having said that, they also have a HUGE collection of donated relics which are sitting in their storage areas. Most of it will never be seen on display. If you donate your group it will most likely end up in the back room. Too my knowledge they do not sell. I understand they might trade for a specific needed item but that is unverified gossip. I think listing your
  9. Nice group. "They Also Served." We tend to think of veterans as "combat men" but for every man in combat there were probably five or more backing him up. This man gave six years of life in defense of his country without firing a shot. A great record of service!
  10. Another great Normandy video and story though controversial. Thank you for posting. Bob
  11. Another great video. Like being there - again. The present serenity of Omaha Beach today compared to D-day is almost surreal. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Bobgee
  12. Agree with all above comments. The ribbon rack looks like a handful of assorted colors!
  13. An amazing engineering plan in support of the landings. Great video. Thanks!
  14. Robert - Sad news. I clearly remember the first time I met him and you at the Philadelphia OMSA Convention many moons ago. You were clearly a pair. Always was happy to visit with Trooper Bob. He was a hoot! A proud Marine. Condolences to all his family & friends. He will be missed. Semper Fi, R.I.P. Trooper.
  15. There were 2 "E.M. Brown" Marines - both Eugene who served in the 4th Brigade. Both in different companies in the 5th Marines. Re: the 'neon' paint, my first impression is that someone "refurbished" a good WWI helmet shell. The punched hole is a good tell. The Indian? well maybe it's original and not painted over - maybe not. Probably not. The star & border are not old. It is what it is today!
  16. Received this link from the WASP Museum at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas. Had not seen it before. Enjoy & send them a few bucks if you're so inclined. They're doing a great job of preserving the memory of these brave ladies. Bobgee https://waspmuseum.org/ad/videos.html?info=2020EU0203&video=002&utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Video&utm_content=2020EU0203&sal=Mr.%20Gill
  17. Last year at the Military Collectibles Show in Cleburne, Texas I obtained a small group of WWII AAF insignia. In this case I didn't just buy the items, I bought the story. The group consists of a named Aviation Cadet badge with photo, a nice pilot's wing by Orber, a set of AAF officer's branch insignia and one pair each of 1st & 2nd Lt's bars. The pilot's name was A.K. Stinson. The half Riker mount also contained 2 photos - one of a handsome young AF officer wearing his A-2 jacket and the other, a picture of Aubrey K. Stinson's grave stone. A short synopsis of the circumstances
  18. Great sword and writeup, Kevin. Here's a pic of Capt Dutton cropped from a group photo taken in the PI in November 1901. Semper Fi! Bob
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