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  1. Sad news. Rest in Peace, SSG Shurer. By your deeds your memory will endure.
  2. I believe his BOS was Artillery when he formed the Rangers. In the pic with the 45th patch it looks like he's wearing crossed cannons - not rifles. Non infantry BOS could have been a technical disqualifier for the CIB even though he was an Infantry commander. My 2-cents. Bobgee
  3. Started out as MOS 3531 - logged lots of miles on the M-35 etc. later 0302 - Semper Fi!
  4. An interesting footnote regarding "The Longest Flight" ln 1923. These Marine aviators had made a record flight in U.S. aviation. It brought great credit on the U.S.A. and the Marine Corps. It was the second longest flight in world-wide aviation history. However, when the Distinguished Flying Cross was instituted in 1927 and recognized many aviation achievements prior to its institution these aviators were overlooked. I have always wondered whether their flight was even considered. Seems to me they got screwed. My 2-cents! Bobgee
  5. Here's a photo taken during the longest flight. Lt. 'Tex' Rogers on the left; Lt 'Hoke' Palmer on the right.
  6. Thanks for the comments, guys. I've had this group awhile. Dug it out for a review. It's quite extensive with 100s of period photos. Here's pic of the group which includes some of his Ohio N.G. insignia. The wing, which is vintage 1920s/30s, is not his unfortunately and is displayed to reflect his aviation service. Also here's closeup of the Medal of Merit. It is plain on the reverse with no HM. Bob
  7. The U.S. Marine Corps had a significant presence in Nicaragua starting in 1912. Marines continued to serve there into the 1940s with large numbers in garrison and in various combat actions in the 1920s & 1930s. Often a group of medals of a Marine will turn up containing a decoration awarded them by the Nicaraguan government. This is one such group. In most cases that I have seen the circumstances behind the award have been lost to history. In this case we know exactly why First Lieutenant Horace D. Palmer received his medal as we have the original diploma signed by President Moncada i
  8. Seeking USMC WWI rim-numbered Good Conduct Medal #44010 Thanks! Bob
  9. Thousands awarded to Americans in WWI- so 'either or' IMHO. And it looks fine to me. Bobgee
  10. Excellent camera work. Thank you! This is "Don't Miss Museum" if you're in K.C.
  11. Lovely group. Hope it can stay together.
  12. BTT for general interest on the new updated Forum! Bobgee
  13. James - I've had the privilege and honor of visiting the Normandy Cemetery over 20 years ago. Thank you for taking me back. A sacred place. Bob
  14. A truly "WOW" !!!!!! group. Semper Fi, Doc! Bobgee
  15. Nice little Tarawa group to a heroic Navy LCVP coxswain,
  16. Wonderful collection,, Kyle. Thanks for sharing! Bob
  17. Phil - Outstanding tribute to these American heroes. Thank you for keeping their memory alive. May they All Rest In Peace. Bob
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