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    My interest vary like the proverbial wind. Currently interested in WWI-Vietnam Dog Tags to USMC but not exclusive and named uniforms to USMC but again not exclusive.
  1. aznation, Just in case you missed my post. Excellent detective work. I now have 2 POW's on this snorter identified. THANK YOU Mark
  2. Aznation, Bamm! Excellent detective work on this one. That fits as the other POW was also in the medical field/unit. He was Dominic Sola
  3. Last 3 months or so and currently reading "Beneath a Scarlet Sky".
  4. Blacksmith, Thanks for the follow up and I didn't even think of the signature being a female. So it could be a "Virginia". Thanks Mark
  5. Here is the bill in an IR format. Couldn't fit both on one post
  6. Happy New Year to all, A recent addition in which I am working my through on identifying those who signed this short snorter. So discovered a POW, SS, PH, and BS recipients. Having a real hard time identifying the 1st Lt at the top whose first name appears to begin as Vy*** E. Anderson. I have provided the following scans. The first is a side by side with the later being in an infrared format. The other is solely IR. Would love feedback as IR can sometimes bring signatures out of the shadows. Sorry about the resolution but have to reduce to be able to upload. Thanks in advance,
  7. aznation, Thanks for the link as it has been very helpful. From it, I was able to find the following information on Winkler. The research continues!
  8. Lettow, I appreciate the follow up information. That is very interesting! Mark
  9. Season Greetings to all, It has been a long time since I have posted let alone make a new purchase but of the later I recently did and I am now hoping to get some assistance from the Forum. The following is a "Short Snorter" that I just purchased and have yet received but I did some research prior to the purchase and some subsequent due to a possible D-Day connection. So far I have been able to identify two of the service men who both served onboard LCI(L)'s during the D- Day invasion. Those two are Paul F Bunumas (LCIL-540 and Flotilla -12) and Robert D Therrel (LCIL-413). Both of wh
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