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  1. Great pictures Tomas, Its changed a bit since i was there in the 70,s.............and changed a hell of a lot for the guys who stood there in 44.
  2. The Ardenne forrests can be creepy......and you should see tanks in some of the villages
  3. :thumbsup: learned my skills as a gunner on these weapons you can tell they are early ones ,as later they had muzzle brakes.....crackin weapon!
  4. Hi Ken,long time no see, i appreciate as an ex soldier the respect.....your showing to our allies...i too think of how far these very young men came to these shores and thought will i ever see home again. i remember when we stood above the cliffs and looked down onto the beach ( which was still to dangerous to visit) and thought of the sacrifice these men and women made. Keep up the good work......and for gods sake look after yourself you plonka!! Regards col
  5. Cheers "45"........the confusion and dust of battle has cleared.......im goin for a lie down now :thumbsup:
  6. Im a bit confused,not to difficult at my age,sergants three,........victor meglaglan, douglas fairbanks jnr.and carey grant ?? reference to charge of the light brigade.....i was in it, the remake in the 60,s........at that time i was in the Kings troop RHA in st johns wood london and they used our barracks for some of the scenes........When the film opened in Leicester square i along with 4 others play,d a fanfare to start the movie....the queen attended.....but at rehearsals i got the chance to play the original bugle that sounded the charge.......quite moving I will never forget the sou
  7. Thanks a lot Steve, that clears a lot . The only thing ive got to clear up now is......how the hell it came into my hands. One story is some royal marines snuck onboard an stole it ??? ... who knows. again ,much abliged steve regards col
  8. Hi Guys, being new to this forum,and an ex squaddie,my knowledge of ships can be written on a stamp! Sometime ago a plaque was given to me its approx 18"x18" aluminium type casting screwed through onto a wooden base. Its shield like in shape and has a diagonal black strip which has written on it....U.S.S. Jenkins over the top of the plate is written.....DDE-447. The top left is a circular disk with what looks like a tigers head....and in the opposite corner another disk with what looks like a desert island with the number 25. Can anybody shed any light on this??? I do know the
  9. My fondest memory ,was my dad taking me to see "gungha din",and "seargants three"...in the early 50,s......although these films were made in the 30,s the british raj etc. My early ww2 film has to be Young Lions with Marlon Brando as a german officer.
  10. I have to agree with some of you,Das Boot, was one of my favourites......reason my late Father was an able seaman on an armed merchantmen and part time orlikan gunner.....on the atlantic runs....and although they feared the U boat they had respect for the men that sailed them........At the end of the war my dads ship sailed into La Rochele....where he illegally nipped over the barb wire and went into the U boat pens and helped himself to documents etc.....i dont condone such action....ye right!
  11. Having seen some of the trenches in France an Belgium, and they are still digging up remains etc. I thought "All quiet"... was a brilliant film an very moving. I personally prefer the original. regards colin.
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